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Fairy Tail Comics ☄ (@spriggantail) Instagram Profile Photo spriggantail

Fairy Tail Comics ☄

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Happy Birthday Admin Lay!! It was you and it will always be you because you did it therefore it was you. No you do not get leniency because it's your birthday. I am older than you therefore I get the last say. In other words it was you. YOU. Since our Admin names originated from this comic (and the events that occurred in the manga during this time) thought I’d redraw it! (If you do not understand the ‘It was you’ reference… refer to previous Admin Layla and Admin Brandish comics) I'm genuinely convinced I drew the first comic on paint and now I am wheezing. #wendymarvell



Fairy Tail😍 Fan Page (@fairytail_mavis_natsu) Instagram Profile Photo fairytail_mavis_natsu

Fairy Tail😍 Fan Page

image by Fairy Tail😍 Fan Page (@fairytail_mavis_natsu) with caption : "FAIRYTAIL_MAVIS_NATSU
#fairytail #anime #fairytailguild #n" - 1824545374161935240
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Move aside Wendy lavilla is coming through • • Skskskk don’t hate me I love them both I just did this for me • • • Dt: Emma but her accounts deactivated atm :( • • Tags: marvell

ITS MY BIRTHDAY YEYEY (@omfgkiri) Instagram Profile Photo omfgkiri


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it’s my birthday so i thought i’d post a meet the editor thingy ac: rake it up - yo gotti dt: uh myself i guess lmao if you don’t feel like reading the video them i’ll sum it up for you: •my name is beth •fav anime: fairy tail and mha •fav sitcoms: the office and parks and rec •i turn 14 today •i live in texas •my bts bias is (currently) jimin •foods i like: cake, burgers, tacos, chick fil a, and ramen •foods i don’t like: broccoli, carrots, basically any vegetable, milk, sushi, and jello •i’m a dork - - #wendymarvell

~Dragon Slayer Wind~ (@cute.wendyy) Instagram Profile Photo cute.wendyy

~Dragon Slayer Wind~

image by ~Dragon Slayer Wind~ (@cute.wendyy) with caption : ""Le bonheur se vit toujours avec ses amis." #fairytailedit #fairytail #wendymarvell #erzascarlet #lucyheartfillia #mavis" - 1824522023037181789
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"Le bonheur se vit toujours avec ses amis." #wendymarvell

ⒶⓃⒾⓂⒺ|25K+| (@animedragneel) Instagram Profile Photo animedragneel


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😂😂😂Gajeel Follow @animedragneel C2 artist