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Nerd and Beard (@nerd_and_beard) Instagram Profile Photo nerd_and_beard

Nerd and Beard

image by Nerd and Beard (@nerd_and_beard) with caption : "New episode is officially posted! If you're on podbean, look us up and find us on the app, or if not go on over to nerda" - 1786866762327963923
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New episode is officially posted! If you're on podbean, look us up and find us on the app, or if not go on over to , no sign up necessary, just download it and enjoy! #waywardsisters


missdiaz72 (@missdiaz72) Instagram Profile Photo missdiaz72


image by missdiaz72 (@missdiaz72) with caption : "It’s Friday bitches 😎 #fridaymood #workhardplayhard #waywardsisters #waywardaf" - 1786838240633696410
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It’s Friday bitches 😎 #waywardsisters


Muriel Forir (@liriel83) Instagram Profile Photo liriel83

Muriel Forir

image by Muriel Forir (@liriel83) with caption : "Ready to go #darkligtcon2 #supernatural #convention #paris #waywardsisters" - 1786809257950391734
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Ready to go #waywardsisters

image by C (@trenchcoat.angel) with caption : "i should probably study but instead i’m going to bed" - 1786767576584553615
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i should probably study but instead i’m going to bed

Mia_Marriage_WA (@mia_marriage_wa) Instagram Profile Photo mia_marriage_wa


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@danneelackles512 Welcome to Supernatural family! Also you have been part of the family since many years ago. ❤❤❤ SiamoTornati by Shaving People Punting Things on YouTube 😍 I can't wait. #waywardsisters # Tag your love 😘 ✅ Turn Post Notification on 📣 📷from @the1clue .

✖️Twisted Serenade✖️ (@twisted_serenade) Instagram Profile Photo twisted_serenade

✖️Twisted Serenade✖️

image by ✖️Twisted Serenade✖️ (@twisted_serenade) with caption : "Damn. It got hot real quick #casiscoming #castiel 🙈😈🖤" - 1786749092305327085
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Damn. It got hot real quick 🙈😈🖤

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Now, if you’re a SPN acc and you dont have a pic of Rob you failed, lol jk, but seriously he is GOD... • • • • Q: what do you think the new theme is? 🌝 A: i obviously know the answer im just going to say that for me is going to be so much fun :D • • • *Note: if you are @spn_familybusiness you CANNOT answer this question ;)* • • [Tags]: #waywardsisters

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Here we have some moods, destiel, funny cast pics and a lovely recent photo of Jared that Gen had the kind heart to bless us with💓 • • • Im trying to change up my acc a little bit, even though i wont be posting much this next weeks i want to say that i will love to explain what happened and why is happening this several changes, but I wouldn’t be able to make you guys understand it, anyway, this is now how i will divide themes, because im a dumbass and forgot to post it as soon as I finished the Demon!Dean theme. It wont fit perfectly but i like it, so, let’s just f it ok!💞🌝 • • [Tags]: #waywardsisters