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Heather Musingo

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We all love compliments. Far too often our comments for other artists don’t go much beyond a few emojis. We might throw in a ‘Well done! 👌’ every once in a while. Does this help the artist out? Well, it’s nice to know someone liked it enough to even warrant taking the time to comment, BUT ... WE ARE CREATIVES! We can do better. As part of the I challenge you to get those creative juices flowing. Letter a creative compliment. Something that would make you smile. Something that would make you slow down enough to check out that other person’s feed. Maybe make a connection. Try it! Get creative with your compliments!! Swipe to see the details of the challenge. 👉👉👉 Follow along with me and my co-hosts @_l.m.c_ and @heatherwhaleydesign as we try to make connections with fellow creatives by focusing on feedback. #typegang