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下田 青詔 (@aonori1231) Instagram Profile Photo aonori1231

下田 青詔

image by 下田 青詔 (@aonori1231) with caption : "『得意』
#japanese #kanji #tokui #得意 " - 1734576624190793009
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『得意』 〜自分のできないことを見つけるのが上手な人たちへ〜 小さなことからでいいから自分に出来ること、工夫したら出来ることがないか自分に聴いてみる 出来る理由をどんどん増やしていく #tokui



drama update (@drama_update__) Instagram Profile Photo drama_update__

drama update

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Title: And Lies Also Known As: to Genres: Romance, Sci-fi Tags: Adopted From A Country: Type: Movie Release Date: Oct 14, 2017 Duration: 1 hr. 46 min. Lies are forbidden and love is doubly forbidden. In the near future, where young people in Japan Turn sixteen, they are assigned a marriage partner by government. People don't have to go through the trouble of looking for someone, and everyone accepts that the country will find a compatible partner to make them happy. Cast: Aoi As Nisaka Aoi, Takumi As Shiba Yuto, Kanta As Takachiho Sosuke, Nana As Konatsu, Momoko AS Shuhan, #Tokui Yoshimi As Daisuke Yotsuya

Juan Silva (@jjsilva1982) Instagram Profile Photo jjsilva1982

Juan Silva

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#tokui Сегодня брал в аренду трал , как же я себе хочу свой трал только побольше ))

Juan Silva (@jjsilva1982) Instagram Profile Photo jjsilva1982

Juan Silva

Instagram Image by Juan Silva (@jjsilva1982) with caption : "Gran entrenamiento pre-navideño OSS! #bjj #huelva #tokuido #tokui-do" at Multicentro Deportivo TokuiDo - 1672775883487591794

Gran entrenamiento pre-navideño OSS! #tokui-do

Associação Kagawa de Kendo (@kendo.kagawa) Instagram Profile Photo kendo.kagawa

Associação Kagawa de Kendo

Instagram Image by Associação Kagawa de Kendo (@kendo.kagawa) with caption : "Kenshi @deehfukunaga em seu exame de 4° Dan. Será que passou ou já máximo? #kendo #kendokagawa #kaeshido #tokui #waza #m" at Ginasio Municipal Paulo Portela - 1644350023665917122

Kenshi @deehfukunaga em seu exame de 4° Dan. Será que passou ou já máximo? #tokui

Lido Yoshioka (@ldo_yshk0920) Instagram Profile Photo ldo_yshk0920

Lido Yoshioka

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いつかのフリースタイル iPhoneでこんなに綺麗な動画撮れるなんてヨロコビ桃の木山椒の木。 #tOkui