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image by mayu (@mayu_s.05) with caption : "誕生日プレゼント
#mac #addiction #clinique #lip #eyeshadow #maskara #thankyou 
#いいね返し" - 1829031687653177845
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誕生日プレゼント ありがとう!大事に使います💓 ・ ・ #thankyou


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この前あやたんが誕生日お祝いしてくれたよ💝毎年ありがとうねーー😢スキ😢 花束初めてもらったよ、ありがとう💐✨ あと5日でまた一つ歳をとる恐ろしさ #thankyou #❤️


Goodies Frozen Custard &Treats (@mmmgoodies) Instagram Profile Photo mmmgoodies

Goodies Frozen Custard &Treats

Jumping into 30 like 🏅🤾🏻‍♀️🤾🏻‍♂️ athletes 😜. —————————————TRUE STORY: back in the 50s many of the commercial vehicles didn’t have defrost as a standard option...go figure!!! So, I don’t like driving in the pouring rain 🌧 because the windows fog up something terrible. We improvised yesterday and with doors open and towel in hand Rozell @rozellmoore would periodically defog the windows so I could see. I say this because several weeks ago Alex (@agoodfrancis) reaches out about catering her 30th party and how much her family loves . Did I mention they’re from and it would mean the world to have a taste of the to make the party even more memorable. I said “count us in.” Fast forward to yesterday and the unexpected flash flood rain 🌧. In showbiz they have a saying “the show must go on” and yesterday with rain and all “the party went on”. When we arrive, Alex’s husband, Rob (@rob_al.amriki) greets us with a beer 🍺 a plate of food 😂 and a BIG #THANKYOU!!! We park, write the menu board, crank up on the stereo and we partied. Seriously, , Alex and Rob #THANKYOU for being a great host and treating us like family. I close by saying: our dedication to you is matched by your dedication to us - rain or shine we will be on time! . . . .

こもりん (@iam_mizz_) Instagram Profile Photo iam_mizz_


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* 今年も大好きな2人とディズニー💓 ほんとにほんとにほんとに 楽しすぎた😉💗💗 いろいろありがとね🎉 * * #thankyou

MASAKI TANAKA (@msk_snowlife) Instagram Profile Photo msk_snowlife


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. . キッズ達にSUPを教え。 人妻達をクルージングに連れて行き。 帰りにセブンでアイスを食し。 帰宅し片付けをして。 独りで天下一品を食す。 そんなビューティフルサンデー。 #thankyou

かわぐちあすか (@kawaguchi.1116) Instagram Profile Photo kawaguchi.1116


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あすかのは金なかったけ買えんかった〜爆笑って言われてギャーギャー言よったら最後の写真大会でよくカップルがやるディズニードッキリみたいなしてくれてから(全然気づかんかったけど)もう本気で嬉しかった、、 Paul & JOEが似合う女になるぞ👸🏻 ありがとう!!! &joe #thankyou

Lex Marley ‘Casual Lex’ (@casuallexmarley) Instagram Profile Photo casuallexmarley

Lex Marley ‘Casual Lex’

3/3 ✌🏾 'Corridor Freestyle' So basically, this freestyle in the corridors of Åsa was the last thing I filmed before I left Sweden, and the words I posted for the first couple parts are the last words from my mentor before I left... @david_fowkus_rigo_priv I just want to again say thank you for everything, not only was you a greatly valued & reliable mentor always being present, always being down for us and helping us grow in anyway that you could... but I know for me and many others you also became a friend and a brother to me and I appreciate it to the fullest... much love to you always homie, hopefully we can continue to push together again in the near future 💯🔥 I also just wanna again thank my Åsa fam & my Popping 1style fam for all the experiences, all the love, all the energy, all the ups and downs, highs and lows... I miss you all and appreciate everything more than you all know... I wish every single one of you the best on your journeys... I have no doubt that the universe will grant y’all with all the blessings that you all truly deserve... lets stay connected 💚🌲 A huge thank you to my family and friends, my circles, my squad dem. You all know exactly who you are, you gave me strength, courage, and maximum motivation always when I needed it most. The love I got for you all is SO real, and the beauty is I know its so circular & completely mutual all round... always has been, always will be... which is what makes all our bonds so strong - you all already know!! 💛✨ Finally my beautiful @dinaaa_94 my rock, my twinja, my Queenie! Even though it was rougher than ROUGH at times 🤣, we survived, we backed each other no matter what, supported each other through thick and thin, and im so so thankful its unreal, im super proud of you - you kept grinding, you kept pushing, you stayed strong and stayed true, maximum love for you always I'm forever grateful to have you in my life ♥️🐢 #thankyou