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Dominic Waza  Scicluna (@dominicwazascicluna) Instagram Profile Photo dominicwazascicluna

Dominic Waza Scicluna

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Pursue your dreams others will offer advice use your intuition to decide what’s best to wake yourself up and live a strong life full of your choices ...... you can live with the understanding that you can co create your existence and experience .....☯️🔥🧘‍♂️⚽️👂🏼the life you want to live 🧞‍♂️🍇🌍❤️🐉🐉🐉 Do the best you can in this day then do even better in your next opportunity Start fresh be patient then act WAKE up AND LIVE THE LIFE YOU WANT and OR ALIGN AS CLOSE AS YOU ARE CAPABLE With those who ACTUALLY SUPPORT NATURAL EFFORTLESS “the least static possible “ so you can hear 👂🏼 and see clearly 👀🧘‍♂️🔥☯️⚽️🧐 You are AMAZING 😉 yes YOU AT THIS VERY MOMENT UNIVERSE IS REMINDING powerful you truly are ☯️ despite all the misguided disrespect you may have unconsciously created and In turn experienced the rebound of it You and all the bullshhhhh Behavior you are finally getting rid of it you are the birth of the butterfly 🦋 you don’t even need social media to realize it real 👀 see clearly from past present into the future.... karmically on and off then field in this game of life ... 👥 take action and create more alignment with your lifetime souls purpose 🌊 , you have the power to transform your life from broken dreams into a persistence that is appreciated by all 🤙🏻dedication that is equal to none ....💭⏳👀⚽️ your infinite I is available breathe deeply 321 inhale ..... #TekkersTuesday futevolei, futsal , futebol, freestyle, 🧘‍♂️,🥋 ,be ,💭🤔 act

91st Minute Training (@91st_mt) Instagram Profile Photo 91st_mt

91st Minute Training

Buzzer beating tuesday 🤹‍♂️ ———————————————————————— ————————————————————————

theultimateatlantaunitedfan (@theultimateatlantaunitedfan) Instagram Profile Photo theultimateatlantaunitedfan


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Nashville Soccer Club (@nashvillesc) Instagram Profile Photo nashvillesc

Nashville Soccer Club

Let’s take a look at Tucker’s tekkers for Tuesday. 👀 • • • •

Major League Soccer (@mls) Instagram Profile Photo mls

Major League Soccer

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Spin-O-Rama on point 🌀 #TekkersTuesday

Greater Seattle Surf (@gssurfsc) Instagram Profile Photo gssurfsc

Greater Seattle Surf

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Check out , Natalie (G08A)! Let’s see what you have for #TekkersTuesday! . . . . .

YMCA Arsenal Rome Soccer Club (@ymcaarsenalrome) Instagram Profile Photo ymcaarsenalrome

YMCA Arsenal Rome Soccer Club

Summer is here, which is always a great time to get a ball out and work on individual skills. Just imagine a team full of kids like this here at Arsenal Rome! Tuesday - - - - 🎥 @skiller @rayane.bounida10 @miandmore_

Dottie Fildes 🦄 (@_dumbbelle_) Instagram Profile Photo _dumbbelle_

Dottie Fildes 🦄

• #tekkerstuesday • - Absolutely loved this exercise from yesterday’s Bears session @f45_tottenhamcourtroad 🐻 - Riding solo through a tough session is tough enough but this little combo got those shoulders a-burnin! 🔥 - Grab a stool, bottom two stairs, whatever, give it a go! 💪🏽 - - - - #tekkerstuesday

⚽️⚽️Tekkers Tuesday⚽️⚽️ - Some absolute FILTH from out wide! - As an Attacking Player, College Coaches will be looking for 1v1 situations and how well you do with the outcomes. - Did you beat the defender? - Did you shoot/score? - Did you get the cross in? - Did you win a corner or throw in? - - College Coaches will always look for those positive outcomes first. So make sure your video shows those clips first. - #tekkerstuesday

Atlanta United FC (@atlutd) Instagram Profile Photo atlutd

Atlanta United FC

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There's no stopping @barco.ezequiel #TekkersTuesday

MKE Consulting (@mke_tekkers) Instagram Profile Photo mke_tekkers

MKE Consulting

Instagram Image by MKE Consulting (@mke_tekkers) with caption : "#tekkerstuesday" at Lake Park, Milwaukee, Wisconsin - 1780650699328073703