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Alinka_LiLi_ (@alinka_lili_) Instagram Profile Photo alinka_lili_


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Just spring🌱 Just sunday☕ Just us 💄👜👗 ❤ #tea

Aylin Çağlar Bilman (@aylincaglar) Instagram Profile Photo aylincaglar

Aylin Çağlar Bilman

image by Aylin Çağlar Bilman (@aylincaglar) with caption : "@akislitahir Çayın tadı daha bir güzel canım kardeşim ☺️" - 1783517277515555876
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@akislitahir Çayın tadı daha bir güzel canım kardeşim ☺️

Nadia Munarolo-Kurjata (@nadiamunarolo) Instagram Profile Photo nadiamunarolo

Nadia Munarolo-Kurjata

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Fourth chakra. The heart chakra - anahata. Vajrapradama Mudra. The Mudra of self trust. I love this Mudra. I first learned it from my teacher in my Shamanic Yoga Teacher Training. It is known as the Mudra for unshakable confidence. I also began taking this Mudra whenever I felt joy. I would place my hands in position and over my heart, say thank you and more of THIS please. Do you ever take a minute to express gratitude for even the little moments. The moments that give you that warm fuzzy feeling. The moments that you find yourself smiling so wide. The moments when you are laughing till your sides hurt? Those moments and many more. Take a moment to place your hands in vajrapradama Mudra and soak in that love and confidence of self. Take a few breaths and repeat the phrase - “unshakable confidence guides my journey forward”. * “each day counts” oracle card from The Power of 3 Mantra Deck which I created and now in its second printing. Repeat the mantra 3 times out loud. Use these 3 words to guide you through your day. MANTRA - mind tool. Available now in the shop at * * * * * #tea

Tea Magic Official (@teamagic_shop) Instagram Profile Photo teamagic_shop

Tea Magic Official

Свежие фото из сердца Тбилиси, где наш спец. агент @popok78 проводит закрытое чайное мероприятие! 🌋 В деле вулканические улуны из Юннани и Шу пуэры со старых деревьев 🌳 Всем отличного воскресенья и только правильного чая! ☯️ #tea