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Tamilௐ-Canadian🇨🇦 Lotus🌸 (@tamilcanadian.lotus) Instagram Profile Photo tamilcanadian.lotus

Tamilௐ-Canadian🇨🇦 Lotus🌸

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Happy Birthday to Me! – I’m very excited to announce that my bday 2day marks the launch of my & my blog! (See links in bio). At 31, I wanted to do something different in life – purposeful yet enjoyable. It’s been on my mind for a very long time. But I know it's a very serious project to undertake. You don’t just record videos & post online for views & money. You need commitment, dedication, & proper content. I consider this as a genuine passion – an outlet where I can be & challenge myself, explore life & connect with people in a diversified global medium. I can also combine all of my interests & skills into 1 –> I am a natural unfiltered chatterbox, my cooking journey, my experience in video-editing, my passion for keeping my Tamil language & traditions alive, & sharing life experiences on social media. My channel will showcase parts of the life of 1 Tamil-Canadian woman (me) & how I seek to keep my Tamil roots alive while also embracing western ideologies/values/trends in current society. I know ppl will judge me. I’ve been judged all my life – by so-called family/friends to ppl who don’t even kno me but think they kno everything based on 1 action of mine. At 31, u really learn to ignore all that (kindly refer to my previous Nayanthara post). I’ve done heavy research & prep-work b4 I started. I have a positive & confident success-driven mindset & strong work-ethic. - Most importantly, I am not doing this to copy anyone else. I’m gonna be ME & although there may be others doing the same, no one can do it like me :). Might as well fail in originality than succeed in imitation 😙. - I also started my blog for my love for writing, as a platform for putting my thoughts into words & it will coincide with YouTube. So here I go – starting from 0 but aiming 4 infinity.   - So, please show ur support, sprinkle some kindness & join me on my crazy fun new journey! I might make mistakes or even fail initially but each mistake will be one step closer to success!  Thanks for ur ♥️. - 😙, Karthi canadian


Laki Ettebe (@lakiettebe) Instagram Profile Photo lakiettebe

Laki Ettebe

Chariot festival 2018 @Montreal Murugan Temple #tamilcanadian