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Jesse Hebert 🛸 (@jesse.hebert) Instagram Profile Photo jesse.hebert

Jesse Hebert 🛸

Greece Report Download 5 37

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of my time spent in Greece. Everything felt like a dream.. from wandering around the cobblestone roads between pastel coloured buildings, sitting for hours on secluded patios simply enjoying wine, cigarettes and good company, celebrating in extravagance at a seaside villa, and getting caught in a wicked sandstorm that blew through the island. This film is a compilation, a souvenir, of these moments that I couldn’t let go of. • I thought I’d share some words from Mr. Alan Watts over Petit Biscuit’s “Follow Me”. I first heard this lecture through quickly, quickly’s “Getsomerest/sleepwell” and it hasn’t left my mind since, hopefully it does the same for you. “Follow Me” was the song that played as I landed in Santorini and walked onto the runway. Every time I hear this song it brings me right back to that moment and everything that followed so it was only fitting. • If you’ve read this far, thank you for watching and caring, this is the last of my Super 8mm footage, at least for now. I’m excited to get back to working behind the scenes 🎥 • mm @kodak @greece



Michael Brown (@michaelbrown3383) Instagram Profile Photo michaelbrown3383

Michael Brown

image by Michael Brown (@michaelbrown3383) with caption : "Today is the 8th Month & 16th day of the Year. A Super 8mm and Super 16th Day! Capture the Super day on celluloid!
#supe" - 1847433499278022428
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Today is the 8th Month & 16th day of the Year. A Super 8mm and Super 16th Day! Capture the Super day on celluloid! #super8mm ,

straight 8 (@straight_8_) Instagram Profile Photo straight_8_

straight 8

USA advertising companies!! the first ever  USA is on! make film on one roll of . no retakes, no second chances. see it for the 1st time at its premiere on the eve of the @theaicp show chicago. register now at mm @cinelablondon

image by Gab (@tapgr) with caption : "Solitario" - 1847409291590775483
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Memories of a fragmented landscape/ familia / atacama/ 回忆零碎的景观/ #super8mm / digitized at CinematecaNacional from original Super8film transferred to Betacam / SanPedrodeAtacama 1998

Justin Wood (@wood.grains) Instagram Profile Photo wood.grains

Justin Wood

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Cleaning up my old Beaulieu Super 8 camera. The chrome had flaked off inside the battery compartment. Still not fully working, it makes a noise but won’t get chugging. So I’m now looking for someone in the UK that can service or repair the old thing, where’s that yellow pages.... mm