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Giant ball penalties


Cristiano Ronaldo (@ronaldoplays7) Instagram Profile Photo ronaldoplays7

Cristiano Ronaldo

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The times go by so fast😭 —————————————————————⚽️!Follow @ronaldoplays7 for more awesome content!⚽️

⚡Journey to Success (@successorsquotes) Instagram Profile Photo successorsquotes

⚡Journey to Success

image by ⚡Journey to Success (@successorsquotes) with caption : "Fuc**n @ssh*le do such things...Let me tell you something ...People will never know something or someone's importance un" - 1829478702298117418
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Fuc**n @ssh*le do such things...Let me tell you something ...People will never know something or someone's importance until they have it once they lose it...then they realise... Society is really the baddest thing to face...its not just Germany, it's the whole world they themselves are doing nothing..watching Tv and Shouting he shuold have done this or that..But they nwvwr do something themselves .When asked why don't you do it yourself they be like if I was a footballer.i would have done this that but never understand there is a reason why Ozil is a Player why he's there..Can't they see the dedication of him.... l dont want ozil to be sad..The People Don't deserve a legend like him..It's not his mistake.!At last Never give a fuck about society the society will never change they just use their mouth and can't do nothing​ if they could do it they will never say something..Society keep on saying This guy is selfish that girl is selfish but never understands how selfish they are themselves ...they support in good times and u know what happens in bad times..Just a small request from you be a understanding person and stop this shit.. Everytime appreciate someone's Effort and do not such things. . . .@b3naldo Follow @fc_barca_madrid for more - follow4follow ⚡For Madrid And Barca ⚡Latest News-Scores-Updates-Transfers. ⚡Interesting Post.⚡You Don't beleive me Checkout Now😇!And Follow🤗 Follow @fc_barca_madrid for more ___________________________ Ignore hashtags              #Suarez     

Cristiano Ronaldo (@ronaldohdr) Instagram Profile Photo ronaldohdr

Cristiano Ronaldo

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Ronaldo quieting his own fans 😂 Follow @ronaldohdr