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image by 8.29 (@ourlittlesecrets8) with caption : "And somewhere fear took all control, it was really scary trying to escape from everything that was haunting me! Not bein" - 1808970994472293624
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And somewhere fear took all control, it was really scary trying to escape from everything that was haunting me! Not being able to continue. When I was standing there,my feet all shaking, I could hear my heart racing in my ears, me Sky, next to jolene.. I felt like I needed to jump off that edge to end my pain, to shut these voices in my head saying that it was all my fault.. Everything is haunting me, his voice his soul our memories, her presence her love her caring, I ended everything I loved in a blink. I deserve to die. I will jump and I will let my weak body hit the rocks till I feel every single piece of broken glasses, empty bottles hitting my body, and spreading their poison till I lose my senses and my blood explodes everywhere. So that Jolene can laugh and be happy because she got what she wanted. Goodbye. Sky did jump off that cliff and jolene disappeared forever. Fear chases you.. When a person is about to commit suicide every fear, every tear gushes through their minds and they think that fear will keep on chasing their souls if they don't make that one move that plunges their souls in the permanent ocean of death.It is really scary what a smile can hide, what kind of fear and pain a person can deal with. Sky's pain was so real. But she created Jolene she is imaginary !!! We create our monsters and we know them way more than we know ourselves but we are letting our creatures take over our life. But at somehow some point this self fight will end, by facing everything you fear. . . (I really hope you liked the ending this was my main purpose for writing this story❤️) #story @ourlittlesecrets8

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Мы безобидные люди. В каждом вымершем городе есть свои призраки. . #story

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