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Zeeshan Khemani (@zeeshan.khemani) Instagram Profile Photo zeeshan.khemani

Zeeshan Khemani

Instagram Image by Zeeshan Khemani (@zeeshan.khemani) with caption : "Picnic Day 2018 #london #londonfashion #londonstyle #londontown #stjamespark" at St James's Park - 1829008148657937909

Picnic Day 2018 #stjamespark


Newcastle United FC (@newscastleunited) Instagram Profile Photo newscastleunited

Newcastle United FC

image by Newcastle United FC (@newscastleunited) with caption : "What is going on with our club at the moment!? In the space of a week, we have became negative once again. Look, I can t" - 1828999561901916846
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What is going on with our club at the moment!? In the space of a week, we have became negative once again. Look, I can totally understand why people are annoyed with Mike Ashley and how atrocious it would be if Rafa left, because I’ve been through this all as well too. But rather than boycotting, why don’t we increase the amount of support on the team? Our players currently love the club and always give 100% when they play, so why don’t we support them! For example, when we are linked with Rondon, people are already slating him and he hasn’t even signed yet! If he comes in, give him huge support and hope he can be the striker we want! Last season, we finished 10th, which was due to Rafa obviously, but more importantly our support. We got more behind our team more than any other fan base did and you could tell that helped massively the way the players played. Look at West Ham. They became very negative last season and it showed through their woeful performances and they spend much more than we do! Rather than boycotting our team who give their all for us, why don’t we all not buy the £65 shirt and stop funding him!? Here’s a famous Kevin Keegan quote: • “Don’t ever give up on your club. Keep supporting it. It’s your club and trust me, one day you will get your club back. It will be everything you wanted it to be. Newcastle United is bigger than anyone. It hurts, I know, but just keep going. He is only one man. We are a city. A whole population. Trust me.” • Let’s stick behind our players and make them the players we want; players who try! We have been through worse times than these. Let’s show why we are the best fans! Howay the lads!⚫️⚪️ • • #⚫️⚪️ Park #⚽️ ⚽️ ⚽️

Find the beauty around you. (@my_urban_safari) Instagram Profile Photo my_urban_safari

Find the beauty around you.

Bekah Dawes (@dawesxx) Instagram Profile Photo dawesxx

Bekah Dawes

Instagram Image by Bekah Dawes (@dawesxx) with caption : "Took the twinnies to the cinema for Incredibles 2. #cineworld #cineworldunlimited #dovercineworld #dover #stjamespark #i" at Cineworld Dover - 1828995983675857191

Took the twinnies to the cinema for Incredibles 2. #stjamespark

Sarah Vincent (@sarahvincentart) Instagram Profile Photo sarahvincentart

Sarah Vincent

image by Sarah Vincent (@sarahvincentart) with caption : "Exploring the park #flowers #stjamespark #saturday" - 1828982643807791374
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Exploring the park #stjamespark