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image by Andrea (@makin_baby_h) with caption : "9-1-18 Go time! Time to jump back on the stims train. I have not done a stimulation cycle since 2016!! I can’t even reme" - 1850303259957525106
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9-1-18 Go time! Time to jump back on the stims train. I have not done a stimulation cycle since 2016!! I can’t even remember what I did! I feel like I am brand new to this whole stimulation phase of ivf all over again. Honest moment I had a complete freak out meltdown this morning! CD1 started yesterday and I knew if we want to start again I had to call and let them know. My RE does batch stim cycles usually the 1st or 15th of each month. Anyway, back to my freak out. I am so nervous to go through all of this all over again. 💉💉💉 So ladies give me all your stim tips?!?! I am on coq10, prenatals, vitamin b & d...anything else I am missing??? I am on a low carb/high protein diet and I am going to start slowly switching over to decaf 🤮 but anything for baby hill. What else?????? My husband is also on supplements. As always thank you ladies for all your support and love! I don’t know how I could go through this journey without this community!! 😘 #stim


🍪 Jadey / Cookie 🍪 (@sensorystimalpaca) Instagram Profile Photo sensorystimalpaca

🍪 Jadey / Cookie 🍪

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Here’s some stimmy videos! I love stimming! Answer a stimmy question on my story!!! Because stimming is AMAZING!! . . . #stim


Bakersfield Sports Nutrition (@bakersfieldsportsnutrition) Instagram Profile Photo bakersfieldsportsnutrition

Bakersfield Sports Nutrition

image by Bakersfield Sports Nutrition (@bakersfieldsportsnutrition) with caption : "Stay Woke.
High-Stim pre w/ Added Deer Antler and 6Grams of Citrulline.
@bakersfieldspo" - 1850266104086574626
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Stay Woke. - High-Stim pre w/ Added Deer Antler and 6Grams of Citrulline. - @bakersfieldsportsnutrition @bakersfieldsportsnutrition

gazoline 🔥 (@gazoline127) Instagram Profile Photo gazoline127

gazoline 🔥

image by gazoline 🔥 (@gazoline127) with caption : "#STIM" - 1850251746608021825
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White Glue Base from @slimeyoda 😃 - Shipping: idk if it was fast bc when the package was delivered I was on a plane. But nevertheless I think it was pretty fast! - Extras: I got skittles, glitter, and a borax bag. I also got a business/ slime care card. - The slime was a bit underactivated/sticky because it’s been sitting in a hot a house for 2 weeks, but it is totally understandable. It is very clicky and glossy and smelled really good😇. - Overall 10/10

𝕲𝖆𝖒𝖊𝖘𝖍𝖔𝖜 ( Instagram Profile Photo


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Как вам?😍 Автор @gta_atom 👈👈👈👈👈 ------------------------------------------------ Жми 2 раза ❤ ------------------------------------------------ 🕹 Лайк и комент🕹 ------------------------------------------------ Отмечайте друзей😎 ------------------------------------------------ #stim

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Extrution bean! #stim

Belut TV (@belut_tv) Instagram Profile Photo belut_tv

Belut TV

image by Belut TV (@belut_tv) with caption : "#stim #siakap" - 1850140719102874548
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✨Amanda Kathleen Palmer✨ (@mrs.palmeriii) Instagram Profile Photo mrs.palmeriii

✨Amanda Kathleen Palmer✨

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Anyone other mommas driving 30+ minutes each way for school this year?! @redcon1 ... because 30 minute car ride at 7am !! 🤷🏼‍♀️😂 #stim @themommyscorner

Kenny Medina (@kmadman) Instagram Profile Photo kmadman

Kenny Medina

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@ironobsession.supps • • • Your gym time and money are too valuable to be buying these underdosed pre workouts that are flooding the markets today, most in which you are having to 2 scoop or even 3 scoop just to even get a feeling from them. Well the answer is now here!!! Hell Yea is a super dosed high stim pre workout loaded with DMHA, Yohimbine HCL, and other stimulants guaranteed to take your workouts to the next level!! get some at link in bio or at #stim