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Basketball Center (0.8k) (@bballcenter_) Instagram Profile Photo bballcenter_

Basketball Center (0.8k)

image by Basketball Center (0.8k) (@bballcenter_) with caption : "Is #Kobe the greatest scorer of all time?🤔
#knicks #rockets #cavs #goldenstate #nyc #warriors #" - 1849173349508582291
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Is the greatest scorer of all time?🤔 ———————————————————————— #sports


image by @midnighthoops with caption : "Jordan or Lebron ? Agree or disagree? Who’s really the goat ? •

Follow @midnighthoops for more basketball content daily"- 1849173339400866154
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Jordan or Lebron ? Agree or disagree? Who’s really the goat ? • Follow @midnighthoops for more basketball content daily! #sports

The story of my life 👧💝🍴 (@tj_irene) Instagram Profile Photo tj_irene

The story of my life 👧💝🍴

Dempo Heritage Run 👟🏃🎽 Alumni dengan Peserta terbanyak 92 19.08.2018 Viva Dempo!Viva 92!💪 #sports

Tomy Sugiarto (@askcoachtom) Instagram Profile Photo askcoachtom

Tomy Sugiarto

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Opening of the 18 Asian Games 2018. Indonesia being the host we got to see live coverage of the opening ceremony. Some cool fun facts: 1. 45 countries are participating. 45. I didn't know asia consisted of 45. Well, it looks like the middle eastern countries here are considered Asian. So hei, the more the merrier. 2. The last time the Asian Games was held in Indonesia was in 1972. 72! I understand why it took so long to come back. But hei, i like where the current government is going with this!! Bravo!! 3. No major international media channel has yet to cover or comment on the scale or significance of last night's performance. I mean seriously, north and south korea had 1 flag! 1 Flag!!! Hm.... something's fishy... fishy doesn't means it bad... ask the dutch. Smoked Herring is awesome. Just make sure you know how to cook it. Lack of media attention is actually a political statement. Coollll.... #sports

Gülsüm KURTULUŞ (@kurtulus9386) Instagram Profile Photo kurtulus9386


image by Gülsüm KURTULUŞ (@kurtulus9386) with caption : "#mood #my #sports #day 🦍" - 1849172801655689949
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#sports 🦍