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Jackie Caru Eiseman (@jackies_wellness) Instagram Profile Photo jackies_wellness

Jackie Caru Eiseman

Instagram Image by Jackie Caru Eiseman (@jackies_wellness) with caption : "Something to think about... ❤" at Glendale, California - 1826177376246127818

Something to think about... ❤


しーぷに (@seapuni) Instagram Profile Photo seapuni


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@kinako1214_tokoroten0326 さんの きな子ちゃん、ところてんちゃんが、 手作りの服👕購入してくれました😆 . 今回は、きな子ちゃんの服の紹介です✌️ 注文内容は、 メイン色はオレンジ系の糸で、 デザインは6月28日postで 編んで欲しいとの事 . ワンコが着ているpicは、 @kinako1214_tokoroten0326 さんの所へ 観に行ってくださいね👍 . 手作り手編み服、只今注文受付中です✌️ 1枚3000円(送料込み) 小型犬なら、どんなサイズでも作れます😉 . 詳しくは過去投稿分(6月28日) 『手作り手編み服販売中』 postを観てくださいね👍 . #speak


Greg Halpen (@greghalpen) Instagram Profile Photo greghalpen

Greg Halpen

image by Greg Halpen (@greghalpen) with caption : "TW/Sexual Assault Towards Gay Men and Consent Culture
I want to teach gay men about consent and the power of our own v" - 1826168614521376803
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TW/Sexual Assault Towards Gay Men and Consent Culture # I want to teach gay men about consent and the power of our own voices. # Don’t allow anyone to ask you, especially if they don’t know you, to ask you to share your story of sexual assault. Don’t accept anything less than a NO. # It’s about permission. It’s about asking and it’s about you having a choice in saying yes or no. # I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked to share my story by people I’ve yet to gain their trust and feeling like I couldn’t say no. From people who thought my story was for their amusement or pleasure. # NO. # Also, I can’t begin to tell you how groping and coercion is the norm among gay men. Even in gay spaces and non-gay spaces. These spaces are our safe spaces away from the heteronormative pressure of our society, but still, the assaults happen. # And the stories of men who pressure other men into sex, when we try to resist and the pressure persists. # And we say “it’s ok, don’t worry” and they chock it up to its just “innocent play” or to “just lighten up” if we do speak up. And usually we don’t say anything, because our culture says men aren’t allowed to speak up, or we become ostracized from our own community or we don’t get seen or heard. # Let’s change that. Let’s change this narrative around sex and consent. Let’s heal this wound around the non-existence of consent culture. # So, let’s learn about consent and let’s internalize the idea that we have a voice and that we can use our voices firmly and loudly and say “NO”!! # #speak