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Pedulikucingdome (@pedulikucingdome) Instagram Profile Photo pedulikucingdome


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FUNDRAISING ALERT!!! Please donate if you can! We need all this 3 pet carrier (to use to bring the cat when we will go to neuter) 2 pet cargo And 8 place to eat and drink Can you help us to raise the target about 210$??? You can help us by share this post too! Small amount it doesn’t matter the important thing is your heart to help! It will be so much mean to them! #spayandneuter


DunRoamin' Stray and Rescue (@dunroaminstrayrescue) Instagram Profile Photo dunroaminstrayrescue

DunRoamin' Stray and Rescue

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Happy Saturday, from Sylvenia and her babies Dent and Scratch. *These cuties are just a few of the 60 or so cats from the Cloverdale colony that we've been helping to spay/neuter and find homes for (or barns if they're feral). If you would like to help us help them, donations can be made on our website through Canada Helps (income tax deductible). We're also looking for suitable barns for the feral cats. #spayandneuter


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It's . Well, yesterday was, apparently. Whatevs. Bow down to my fabulous black-catness! #spayandneuter

Luna the Mystery Mutt (@pawsandstuff) Instagram Profile Photo pawsandstuff

Luna the Mystery Mutt

image by Luna the Mystery Mutt (@pawsandstuff) with caption : "Sometimes I want my feed to be dark, and sometimes I want it to be bright and colorful. The result is the mess I have. B" - 1848543196629238423
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Sometimes I want my feed to be dark, and sometimes I want it to be bright and colorful. The result is the mess I have. But honestly, I find it difficult to “force” a theme on a photo that already has a certain mood about it. This one screamed for a dark theme, so that’s what I was aiming for. The next couple of photos will probably be bright and colorful again because that’s just how Luna is. Still, I wish I could pick a theme and stick with it. I feel like editing would be so much easier. 😂 • • • • ⃣ #spayandneuter

sidiqhandono (@sidiqhandono) Instagram Profile Photo sidiqhandono


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Greeting other hooman.. my name is kutil.. I lived few house from here.. I came here only to get laid and stoned with this anting anting roots.. darn now I'm on a high.. #spayandneuter

M.A.D 4 Soi Dogs (@m.a.d4soidogs) Instagram Profile Photo m.a.d4soidogs

M.A.D 4 Soi Dogs

It's got to be over three years ago now we rescued Mowgli after seeing him attacked by a dog as a kitten. The attack broke his spine leaving him unable to walk. He lived with us for over a year and a half before getting pneumonia and other medical issues. Our vet fell in love with him and even though it was so hard to let him go we knew living with her was the best place for him. He gets 5 star medical treatment and is so loved. Boon saw him today having his temperature taken. Maybe explains the cross eyes... As much as we both miss him and love him so much we know he has a great life. He is one lucky boy we happen to come across him that night. #spayandneuter

image by @suziq9z with caption : "Credit to @rescuecatnetwork : URGENT HELP NEEDED ‼️EUROPE - BELARUS‼️
Even if you think you don’t have followers or cont"- 1848505968608846760
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Credit to @rescuecatnetwork : URGENT HELP NEEDED ‼️EUROPE - BELARUS‼️ Even if you think you don’t have followers or contacts, PLEASE SHARE ANYWAY. This poor angel is currently STILL ON THE STREETS BECAUSE NOBODY HAS STEPPED UP TO HELP. Right now, details are sketchy. I’m unsure if this is a cleft palate situation or a tumour or Cryptococcosis 😓 I don’t know if funds are needed for vetting or if there’s a chance he could be boarded at a vet clinic until something more permanent is secured. For that reason I am not going to collect any money just now. However if anyone would like to pledge towards possible vetting and/or boarding and/or other costs that might potentially arise, you are most welcome 🙏🏻Please, let’s not forget our feline friends in need overseas ❤️ . @dobrodetel.bobr with @get_repost · · · Translated: Sos! Sos! Sos! ! FOUND!! CAT IS FOUND!! Barely keeps on his feet, staggering, skinny !! There is no piece of upper lip, because of which, all food falls out ... Eaten by fleas, the whole body in wounds! It's some kind of smell (We found him an overexposure for 2 days, we'll take him to the doctor.) I do not know what to do next, I do not know .. Urgent need a curfew, ideally a house. We will be happy with any help .. Help cure the baby! Tel. 8 (029) 1467503, Maria. (there is a Viber, a WhatsApp) ・・・ Sos! Sos! Sos! Бобруйск! НАЙДЕН ИСТОЩЕННЫЙ КОТ!! Еле держится на ногах, шатается, худющий!! Отсутствует кусок верхней губы, из-за чего вся пища вываливается... Весь изъеден блохами, всё тело в ранах! Это какое-то горюшко(((( Нашли ему передержку на 2 дня, свозим к врачу. Что делать дальше-не знаю.. Срочно нужна передержка, куратор. В идеале-дом. Будем рады любой помощи.. Помогите вылечить малыша! Тел. 8(029) 1467503, Мария. ( есть вайбер, ватсап) #spayandneuter

Bastet429 (@bastet429) Instagram Profile Photo bastet429


image by Bastet429 (@bastet429) with caption : "#Repost @foxfosterkittens with @get_repost
Poor Jaclyn is having a rough go. Today she had a prolapsed rectum and so" - 1848503198018938846
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@foxfosterkittens with @get_repost ・・・ Poor Jaclyn is having a rough go. Today she had a prolapsed rectum and soiled herself thus requiring a butt bath. We were able to get the rectum back in place but if it happens again she will need surgery to correct it. This poor girl just can’t catch a break. Please keep Jaclyn in your prayers! Right now we are drowning in babies and the calls just keep coming. Funds are drained and we desperately need your help to be able to continue rescuing kittens like Jaclyn. Even just $1 will add up if everyone who sees this post donates. link for PayPal and our amazon wishlist can be found in our bio) #spayandneuter