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For Red Velvet (레드벨벳) (@justanothereveluv) Instagram Profile Photo justanothereveluv

For Red Velvet (레드벨벳)

image by For Red Velvet (레드벨벳) (@justanothereveluv) with caption : "Yeri for yesterday’s fan sign ✨
#kpop #redvelvet #reveluv #irene #seulgi #wendy #joy #yeri #joohyun #seungwan #sooyoung " - 1849151401261054099
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Yeri for yesterday’s fan sign ✨ #sooyoung



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OPEN PRE ORDER BTS - LOVE YOURSELF (Answer) + Poster ✅ @Rp.315,000(harga masih perkiraan untuk berat 500g jika berat naik harga juga naik & jika berat turun harga juga turun ) @Rp.1,240,000 ( 1 set ) Detail : 2 Cd , Photobook , 1 random photocard & 1 special photocard , Mini Notes , Sticker Pack + Poster ✅ Ada pilihan 4 Versi : ( S,E,L,F ) ✅ Tanggal Rilis : 24 Agustus 2018 Close Po 2 : 30 July Close Po 3 : 17 Agustus Close Po 4 : 20 Agustus ✅ Bonus ? Sticker Bts ✅ Penjualan album PRE ORDER di weastkpop mencapai 150pc akan ada Giveaway 1 OFFICIAL BTS LIGHTSTICK VER.3 ✅ Format Reg Po Nama : Alamat : No hp : Pesanan : Pembayaran Dp/Full Payment : dp 100,000 pelunasan nanti tunggu barang sampai indo ✅ Order & Question ? @line : @goz0103i ( sertakan @ ) Wa : 087882677859 #sooyoung

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💗SNSD 當你發現鏡頭的時候 秀英吶,你後不後悔😂😂 — - When sooyoung found the camera it was to late. 🤣🤣🤣 — - Cr.titfany_land #sooyoung

S❤N❤S❤D (@g.g.4.e.v.a) Instagram Profile Photo g.g.4.e.v.a


image by S❤N❤S❤D (@g.g.4.e.v.a) with caption : "Because of this picture, EXOLs are now bashing Taeyeon. I wanna fuckin shut my mouth but this is just way too much. SNSD" - 1849137963230619268
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Because of this picture, EXOLs are now bashing Taeyeon. I wanna fuckin shut my mouth but this is just way too much. SNSD are supporting EXO and you should be thankful for it. Sones supported EXO despite of some EXOLs bitchy attitudes. Sones shut their mouths for so long, but now It's time for us to speak. First, I won't ever post something about EXO anymore. Not because I won't support them, but because i don't want any immature EXOLs commenting on my POSTS. Supporting someone but still, to his!/their fans, you're still wrong. Taeyeon didn't do anything, why do you hate her so much? Did we hate EXO when they didn't bow to SNSD in an Award Ceremony? Did we hate them when they disrespected SNSD? No right? We shut our mouths and act like it didn't happen. Only Chanyeol bowed, and we're thankful for it. You guys are too confident about EXO being the "KING OF KPOP". PSSSSHHH, SUJU, BIGBANG, SHINEE, AND MANY MORE BOY GROUPS ARE WAY BETTER THAT EXO. They don't just sing and dance, they perform. PERFORM. They perform LIVE. Live. Get that? SNSD is way more better than EXO. That's a fact. Better personalities, attitudes, and talents. Bash me if you want, but i don't regret any single thing I wrote in this post. This post is a call to some EXOLs. Yes bitches, I am calling you right now. Some EXOLs are matured already, but those immatured fans who continue to bash Taeyeon, back off. You don't deserve to be treated nicely. You cannot say SNSD and EXO are on the same level. SNSD is way more better than EXO. You know what I mean. I'm a nice person, but being nice to immature EXOLs are not in my league. #sooyoung

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⠀⠀ TTS - Holler ⠀⠀ (Stage Mix Ver.)

SNSD GAMES/Video SNSD ( Instagram Profile Photo


image by SNSD GAMES/Video SNSD ( with caption : "#Q Choose One?? -----------------------------------------------------------------
@yoona__lim @515sunnyday
@watasiwahyo " - 1849129389225346531
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Choose One?? ----------------------------------------------------------------- @yoona__lim @515sunnyday @watasiwahyo @taeyeon_ss @seojuhyun_s @sooyoungchoi @tiffanyyoungofficial @yulyulk @jessica.syj .... ------------------------------------------------------------------ Follow me and 2nd Acc @kpopdailyvideo ________________________________________ •🚫REPOST??TAG ME!! 🚫// •Sorry Do Not Imitate My Photo 😡 🚫Edit by Me ❌ ______________________________________________ #SOOYOUNG

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Which track is my favorite @jamesjhl asked. My fav track obviously is ... ^^ @sooyoungchoi @jamesjhl with @get_repost ・・・ Listen to on all streaming service providers now! Come to @belascola saturday to hear it live! LINK IN BIO ! Which track is your favorite? #sooyoung