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Lunchtime lifting... oly tech homework from @ackes and strength & prehab programming by @barney8_8 . #snatches


Jordan Tyjeski (@jorgetyjeski) Instagram Profile Photo jorgetyjeski

Jordan Tyjeski

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People ask me a lot if it’s different training in Wisconsin rather than Chicago. The form is the same, we just have more style here 🧀❤️💪🏻 #snatches

Jamie Puskac Lesk (@jmllmj) Instagram Profile Photo jmllmj

Jamie Puskac Lesk

Hang snatches above the knee are NOT my forte, but I felt like these felt pretty good for once. #snatches

FourFeathers (@chalktaw_mom) Instagram Profile Photo chalktaw_mom


My awkwardly quiet last round of db snatches. I’m going to come in dead last until the day I’m dead. For rizzle. . . #snatches

CrossFit Lumberyard (@crossfitlumberyard) Instagram Profile Photo crossfitlumberyard

CrossFit Lumberyard

image by CrossFit Lumberyard (@crossfitlumberyard) with caption : "#yardwork
#Workout for Wednesday, 26 Sept:
🅰️ #Strength 14 min alt #EMOM
#1RM Power #Snatch
1 - 3 Power #Snatches (sin" - 1876625280161074034
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for Wednesday, 26 Sept: 🅰️ 14 min alt Power 1 - 3 Power es (singles) 2 - 3 🅱️ Jacket Of For time - 100-80-60-40-20 50-40-30-20-10 Push Presses, 45/35# •

Ammar & Diana (@getgritf1t) Instagram Profile Photo getgritf1t

Ammar & Diana

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Grateful I was able to push through my laziness this morning and got a solid workout Warm up 50 jumping jacks 15 squats 15 push ups Workout 10 rounds of a triplet ladder Dumbbell snatch Pushnup Dumbbell swings I How was your workout today . . . . #snatches

adriuxx (@adriuxx) Instagram Profile Photo adriuxx


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🏋🏻‍♀️ Low Hang Snatches! 3 Reps every 2 mins!! ⚒ @misfitathletics @crossfitgroundbreakers