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Meettherhodesfamily (@meettherhodesfamily) Instagram Profile Photo meettherhodesfamily


image by Meettherhodesfamily (@meettherhodesfamily) with caption : "My princess 👸 @rickasiawright  first day of school #prettygirls #6thgrader #girlstyle #coolkids #coolgirls #smartkids" - 1851015125805724165
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My princess 👸 @rickasiawright first day of school #smartkids



ЦЕНТР ДЕТСКОГО РАЗВИТИЯ (@pazl_center) Instagram Profile Photo pazl_center


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. Ментальная арифметика – это эффективная методика, позволяющая любому ребёнку от 4 до 12 лет гармонично развиваться с помощью регулярных упражнений на абакусе и практики устного счёта. В процессе занятий одновременно работают оба полушария мозга. Такая активность позволяет ребёнку улучшать память, воображение и логическое мышление.. . ❗️звоните и записывайтесь на занятия ментальной арифметики по лучшей программе Smart Kids😉 . . #smartkids

risna fitriyani (@risnafitriyani) Instagram Profile Photo risnafitriyani

risna fitriyani

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Me vs mom Swimming time Makasih onty @bendhietta udah take my pict @oceanparkbsd udh mau me nga suh #smartkids

Marko Hakanpää (@markohakanpaa) Instagram Profile Photo markohakanpaa

Marko Hakanpää

image by Marko Hakanpää (@markohakanpaa) with caption : "Lasten Tiedekoulu #goodmood #smartkids #my_samk #tiedekoulu #syyskausi2018 #kidsscience" - 1850991340613862293
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The National Handwriting Association (NHA) has warned that excessive use of technology is impeding writing skills 📵✍️ Activities such as manipulating playdough, holding scissors and scribbling with pencils, are vital for the muscles in the shoulder, elbow and wrist needed for writing to develop ✂️🖍️🖌️ The good news is that our comprehensive Ed-ventures Kit for EARLY SCHOOL SUCCESS is here to help! Link in bio. . . . #smartkids

ColorOutsidetheLines🌈 (@kinderdosil) Instagram Profile Photo kinderdosil


We had such a MAGNIFICENT morning listening to fun music (see our conga line? 😉💃🏼🕺🏻) for a •b r a i n b r e a k• and we made circle maps all about the MARVELOUS letter Mm!!! 👩🏼‍🏫👦🏾👧🏻🧒🏼👱🏻‍♀️ #smartkids

Nannying For The Bold (@nannying_for_the_bold) Instagram Profile Photo nannying_for_the_bold

Nannying For The Bold

image by Nannying For The Bold (@nannying_for_the_bold) with caption : "As Jude gets older he has had more questions, some being more ‘awkward’ questions such as how babies are made.. but when" - 1850957503526329473
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As Jude gets older he has had more questions, some being more ‘awkward’ questions such as how babies are made.. but when going over how to respond to these questions with his mom we ultimately came to the conclusion that children’s brains are like sponges and if we don’t fill them with the right information now they will absorb bits and pieces of the wrong information from around them later on. Talk to your kids and answer their questions while they are still asking, at this young age things are only as awkward as we make them so let’s inform our kids with the right information before they reach the age where everything feels awkward and instead they internalize those important questions. #smartkids

Shop Hailey’s House Of Style (@haileys_house_of_style) Instagram Profile Photo haileys_house_of_style

Shop Hailey’s House Of Style

image by Shop Hailey’s House Of Style (@haileys_house_of_style) with caption : "Kid Humor 😂😂.......#kidzone #momlife #typicalkids #almostschooltime #smartkids #kidchoices #kidblogger #kidshavegoalstoo" - 1850956578239225667
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Kid Humor 😂😂....... #smartkids 💁🏽‍♀️