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yaoi and two cute admins (@_._.yaoi._._) Instagram Profile Photo _._.yaoi._._

yaoi and two cute admins

image by yaoi and two cute admins (@_._.yaoi._._) with caption : "“- I’m  afraid to lose you..” #marcus
#detroitbecomehuman" - 1824261337398409011
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“- I’m afraid to lose you..” #simon


Soylunaenconcierto_luna (@soylunaenconcierto_sol) Instagram Profile Photo soylunaenconcierto_sol


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🌙SOY LUNA🌙 L U T T E O😻 (@soy_luna_lutteo_____) Instagram Profile Photo soy_luna_lutteo_____


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SIMBAR😻😭😭 Song ~ catch me if you can🎧 - - ~❤️ @valentinazenere @michaelronda ❤️~ - - Tags:🌙 #simon ❤️

Cinema&Binge (@c.binge) Instagram Profile Photo c.binge


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DIE HARD (1988) John McClane, officer of the NYPD, tries to save his wife Holly Gennaro and several others that were taken hostage by German terrorist Hans Gruber during a Christmas party at the Nakatomi Plaza in Los Angeles. The movie that gave BRUCE WILLIS one of the biggest hit of his career. His dialogue delivery was crispy and raw. He just played this role like someone is taking a stroll in a park.Kudos to Alan Rickman who played the perfect bad guy named HANS that everybody still hates, or loves. In bruce Willis's words, after watching this movie you will definitely say this to everyone "Yippie-ka-yay Motherfucker". So, I would say "Welcome to party pal" to all those who have watched this movie more then 3-4 times. . . Like, Share and Follow the page . . #Simon

image by Simonpug (@simonpug_dog) with caption : "Con mi amigo Jey .
#simon" - 1824254054524910669
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Con mi amigo Jey . . . #simon