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Back & Shoulder Work using dumbbells and ez bar. I stand to engage my core and help with balance troubles, but you can easily do dumbbell moves sitting down if that’s what you find comfy! Always try to focus on your muscles and squeeze. If you find yourself bouncing a lot you may need to drop your weight a bit to propel those weights with your muscles instead of momentum. #shoulders


geospade (@geospade) Instagram Profile Photo geospade


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Feels good to feel good again. Back to the 3 digit dbell shoulder presses. 100's felt great and 110s felt good. It's been what seems a long time coming. Time to put meat back on these shoulders. THE RECONSTRUCTION!!! @dnicee11 @j_able20 @wentzchris . SIMPLY REFUSE TO QUIT IRONBROTHERHOOD All We Know Is Work👊 Never Satisfied 👊 ABSOLUTELY TEAMSPADE #shoulders      

Bobby C. (@bobbyc68) Instagram Profile Photo bobbyc68

Bobby C.

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3 core exercises a day and a lenient approach on dieting • • • • • #shoulders

Arya Koranki (@neverkranky) Instagram Profile Photo neverkranky

Arya Koranki

Nice and easy light overhead presses as a finisher for shoulder day. Obviously had to take a peak and see how the back development is coming along. Full edit soon. I'm really trying to grind through this fall and winter to add as much solid weight as I can to hopefully be in a position to compete sometime during 2019. Over the next couple weeks I'll be rebuilding my diet and workout plans to really focus on a nice, lean bulk. Looking at 4500-5000 calorie days is not the most fun thing to think about, but it's part of the deal! In order to continuously move forward, you have to continuously adjust. #shoulders @darkironfitness

Ellen Marmur MD, FAAD (@dr_ellen_marmur) Instagram Profile Photo dr_ellen_marmur

Ellen Marmur MD, FAAD

Kevin mfukinbeast

Kevin "The MFB"

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Be your own hero. Work hard. Train insane and make yourself proud. . Happy Saturday!!! Killer workout today, arms and calves, really like this routine... nothing like having your arms shaking after a great workout . .0 MLI