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Rachael's Secret Tea Room (@rachaelssecret) Instagram Profile Photo rachaelssecret

Rachael's Secret Tea Room

image by Rachael's Secret Tea Room (@rachaelssecret) with caption : "Vegan sun-dried tomato & olive muffins 👍😊" - 1782053655262054464
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Vegan sun-dried tomato & olive muffins 👍😊

Ty-Kobee Tea & Coffee Co. (@tykobeeteacoffee) Instagram Profile Photo tykobeeteacoffee

Ty-Kobee Tea & Coffee Co.

I could not wait to share this news! We are partnering up with @homegrownscone from Hamilton. They did a drop off today for “market research” of course. They are sooo good. Spinach and Feta and Cranberry Blood Orange. My mouth was watering while we chatted. Of course I’ve already taste tested. 😁. @tykobeeteacoffee #servewarm

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Freezing cranberries at Christmas, means you get at to go with your Lamb. Usually use fresh, but when you really want it, its good to have a backup. 🐰🐣🐑 #servewarm or

image by Rachel Cole (@nutritiousfoody) with caption : "#bread #homemade #wholemeal #nokneadbread #easy #youknowwhatsinit 
Recipe: inspired by @sararelvaocardoso 👌🏻
Ingredients" - 1738515913298457388
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Recipe: inspired by @sararelvaocardoso 👌🏻 Ingredients: 500g flour (I use whole wheat) 2 pack of yeast (dry) 400g of warm water (yes grams...don’t ask me why) Teaspoon of salt 1. Mix the yeast, the water and the salt. 2.Add the above mix to the flour and mix altogether with a spoon, no need to knead the dough. 3. Let it rest for 2 hours. 4. Pre heat the oven and an oven-proof pan with lid in the oven at 200C. I didn’t have a pan with a lid so I used a loaf tin and covered with heavy duty foil instead. 5. Transfer the dough to the table (with some flour), fold the dough in two, and then fold it again. Place it in the pre heated pan with some flour at the bottom, folds facing down. Cut top of dough with a knife or scissors and sprinkle some flour and seeds of your liking. Cover tin and put in the oven. 6. Cook for 25-30 mins, then remove the lid and let it cook for another 15-20min. 7. Let cool, them cut and serve warm with butter, nut butter or jam 👌🏻😍 #servewarm

The Pastry Palate, LLC (@thepastrypalatellc) Instagram Profile Photo thepastrypalatellc

The Pastry Palate, LLC

Instagram Image by The Pastry Palate, LLC (@thepastrypalatellc) with caption : "Fresh, hot Irish Soda Bread!  Slathered with butter, get it while it’s hot! ☘️🇮🇪

#irishsodabread #servewarm #butter #" at The Pastry Palate Café - 1734898731109044887

Fresh, hot Irish Soda Bread! Slathered with butter, get it while it’s hot! ☘️🇮🇪 . #servewarm

Shane Handke (@becomingonyou) Instagram Profile Photo becomingonyou

Shane Handke

image by Shane Handke (@becomingonyou) with caption : "When someone says a kid is so cute they could just eat them up. #PreHeat #Baste #Lather #ServeWarm" - 1731764888180824501
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When someone says a kid is so cute they could just eat them up. #ServeWarm

monnetteflink (@lennetzbyl8) Instagram Profile Photo lennetzbyl8


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