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just_M_2.0 (@just_m_2.0) Instagram Profile Photo just_m_2.0


image by just_M_2.0 (@just_m_2.0) with caption : "Second chances must never be wasted 💗 New beginnings start now #underconstruction #secondchances #newbeginnings #startli" - 1848800767244051817
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Second chances must never be wasted 💗 New beginnings start now #secondchances .0


Paws in the City (@pawsinthecity) Instagram Profile Photo pawsinthecity

Paws in the City

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FOSTER NEEDED My name is Deacon and I love to be around humans and dogs who want to play with me. I'm a 2 year old Hound mix boy who loves to play fetch. I will fetch a ball and you will really see my personality shine, so please come meet me today and bring a ball so we can play. I will love to play fetch all the way to my new home with you! Apply at Questions? • • • • • #secondchances


🎤🇻🇮♊ GoDJ Jemini♊🇱🇨🎤 (@whoisjemini) Instagram Profile Photo whoisjemini

🎤🇻🇮♊ GoDJ Jemini♊🇱🇨🎤

SUΠ 7 (@sun7pr) Instagram Profile Photo sun7pr


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-“In 1985, one film confidently rode through Cannes, sweeping prizes from all three juries at the most respected film festival in the world. Wim Wenders’ Paris, Texas, the visually enticing road film that centers far more on emotion that action, that leans on subtlety and the inner world of its heroes. Stanton w/his long face and heartbreaking delivery embodies that longing. He is a man who has loved and lost and lost again, a journeyer whose fate doesn’t ever really involve rest. It’s not a performance that tears up the screen, but rather sucks you in: You are Travis, and his journey is yours. At the end of that journey is something wonderful you can’t recapture, but that got you where you are today, something that simultaneously inspires both bitterness and joy. As a poetic exploration of character set against the grandiose mythological background of Western America, it’s also one of the primal reasons our love for the art of film has grown into this strong devotion that urges our to explore its depths as if on a pilgrimage of some sorts. It’s been years since its release, Wenders’ movie continues to amaze. Part of its power, perhaps, lies in the very implications of its oblique title, the subtle hint at its Transatlantic quality: in its core, it could be seen as a wonderful portrait of the Western mythology forged freshly and uniquely from a European perspective, and with such passion and reverence that could only come from an eye and artistic soul of a foreigner. What many people immediately associate with the film, however, is its visual identity, greatly influenced by Wenders’ expert cinematographer and long-time collaborator Robby Müller. Breathtaking shots of Texan desolate landscape, bathed in sunlight, decorated with lonesome gas stations, steaming roads that cut through the brown, dusty carpet that stretches far towards the ocean, lost people trying to find their place under the scorching sun...” Ꮅaris, Texas 💡🖤🌹🔪

FAITH🙏🏻 HEALTH 🌱 FITNESS💪 (@e2faithandfitness) Instagram Profile Photo e2faithandfitness


Instagram Image by FAITH🙏🏻 HEALTH 🌱 FITNESS💪 (@e2faithandfitness) with caption : "We don’t have the average mother-daughter relationship. Alyssa has watched me grow up, experienced every struggle and lo" at The Nutrition Hub_sa - 1848779094026573296

We don’t have the average mother-daughter relationship. Alyssa has watched me grow up, experienced every struggle and loved me when I didn’t love myself. We have not always seen eye to eye. I thank God for giving us the chance to rebuild our relationship. She is my first treasure. . . #secondchances #secondchances

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So I admit it..last year's rhubarb wine didn't come out quite as well as expected :/ but this year it's all about the peaches 🍑 #secondchances