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Мария Рзянкина (@marurart) Instagram Profile Photo marurart

Мария Рзянкина

Создавать красоту из глины особенно приятно, ведь изделия хранят в себе тепло рук и бесценные воспоминания о прожитом дне 😌 Спасибо @kaplya.solnca за мастер-класс, а @anastasia.ob за фото 💛 #sculpture


(((((Fatima))))) (@superb_muslimah) Instagram Profile Photo superb_muslimah


image by (((((Fatima))))) (@superb_muslimah) with caption : "My art of @asmatet3 &@salmabegum158
eskoolor #friend doi Jon nasi nasi attirah Lol 
____________________________________" - 1848571571423529743
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My art of @asmatet3 &@salmabegum158 eskoolor doi Jon nasi nasi attirah Lol _______________________________________ Two friends help each other in the because they want to be neighbours in and real friend remember you in their and never apart, maybe in the distance but never in the heart. Friendship isn't about being there when it's convenient it's about being there when it's not . I've come to realise that the only people i need in my life. are the ones who need me theirs, even when I have nothing else to offer them but myself. Sometimes strangers can become best friends... if I cut you off,, the chances are you handed the scissors lol friendship isn't about who you've known the longest, its about who walked in your life. and said " I'm here for you". and proved it. #sculpture

Instagram Image by Emma C (@emmaczyz) with caption : "Throwback to the last #bruggetriennale ⛩️ back next week for 2018 ❤️🖤
#sculpture #artfestival #bruges" at Brugge, Belgium - 1848571553849533762

Throwback to the last ⛩️ back next week for 2018 ❤️🖤 #sculpture

image by Deanna (@magnolia88girl) with caption : "Waking up from death🖤#art#sculpture" - 1848571360986811558
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Waking up from death🖤#sculpture

Claire Nelson (@nelsondreaming) Instagram Profile Photo nelsondreaming

Claire Nelson

Instagram Image by Claire Nelson (@nelsondreaming) with caption : "Frogs 🐸 #sculpture #frogs" at Finca Listonero - 1848571198206541819

Frogs 🐸 #sculpture

Sperlich Jewelry (@sperlichjewelry) Instagram Profile Photo sperlichjewelry

Sperlich Jewelry

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In the eye of the beholder 😉😎 Steel, polished mirror, steel . . . @rbcp Regram from @ratedmodernart #sculpture

image by Celeste C (@cele_photos_83) with caption : "ALBERTO GIACOMETTI🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟#albertogiacometti #artist #modernrart #conteporaryart #Sculpture" - 1848571126273711518
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Kirokreation (@kirokreation) Instagram Profile Photo kirokreation


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Felicidades a @mrs.curls por ganar el concurso Monster Box!!! Que lo disfrutes!!!👻👻👻 #sculpture