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image by CwhatiC (@c_what_eye_c) with caption : "#catacombes #paris #scaryplaces" - 1850408370104931043
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Majda Karlová (@majda_karlova) Instagram Profile Photo majda_karlova

Majda Karlová

Kosova Hora Report Download 1 19

I'm traveling around the Czech Republic with my family, looking for interesting places. Today we were lucky and found some old buildings which was really creepy and fascinating... And I fell in love with the atmosphere of this place. s


Paul Panchyshnyy (@paul.panchyshnyy) Instagram Profile Photo paul.panchyshnyy

Paul Panchyshnyy

Заброшенный отель потрясает своим величием! В жизни не видал ничего более объемного и настолько гениально спроектированного сооружения. Территория разделена на пять комплексов, каждый из которых равен по площади со среднестатистическим отелем Кемера. На первом фото - макет отеля, на втором я обнимаюсь со львом в Лесном комплексе ☺️ . . . . 🌴🐅🍋🐘🍊🐢🍌🐒🌴 #scaryplaces

Instagram Image by Gabija L. (@lauraitytee) with caption : "Memel Nord Bunker. 💀" at Memel Nord - 1850008760536215688
Memel Nord Report Download 1 53

Memel Nord Bunker. 💀

Павел Усаченко (@maverickneru) Instagram Profile Photo maverickneru

Павел Усаченко

Neryungri Report Download 17 320

Парк культуры и отдыха имени Г.И. Чиряева, окутанный мрачным туманом... . . . #scaryplaces

image by @jaclyn_virginia with caption : "No makeup.  No filters.  No cares.  A day filled with prayer, friendship, yoga, and nothingness.  Peace.  I’m pretty sur"- 1848828811391909038
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No makeup. No filters. No cares. A day filled with prayer, friendship, yoga, and nothingness. Peace. I’m pretty sure it’s my new favorite feeling. Anxiety can’t rob what we don’t obsess over. Depression can’t numb from a heart that is filled with love. Disordered eating tendencies can’t intrude from a belly that is already nourished with whole foods. Suicidal thoughts can’t kill with an identity built on a solid foundation. People pleasing stops when you know whose you are. Temporary thrills from romantic flings lose the allure when you know your worth and what you deserve. Trauma from the past can’t define a freedom mindset. No weapon formed against me shall stand. Confronting your past may be the way to help someone else’s future. Break generational curses. Prevent tramua through education and awareness. Healing your broken places is scary. It’s dark. It’s wounded, but God makes scary things too 🕷🐍🦈. There has always been a way out. Pick up your mat and walk. What will your healing create? 🙏🏻💓🦋

Neysa Molle (@molleneysa) Instagram Profile Photo molleneysa

Neysa Molle

image by Neysa Molle (@molleneysa) with caption : "NC Lunatic Asylum. You can stay the night?" - 1848172167961713669
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NC Lunatic Asylum. You can stay the night?