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image by Yoga with Srishti (@yoga_with_srishti_official) with caption : "FACTS ON CHOLESTEROL

1. It is fats, which are made in animal bodies including human. Plants" - 1824665025030566134
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FACTS ON CHOLESTEROL ___________________________ 1. It is fats, which are made in animal bodies including human. Plants or foods from plant sources do not have cholesterol. 2. Certain amount of cholesterol is needed by body for various functions but excess is bad. Body itself produces some cholesterol and some are taken along with food. 3. Excess cholesterol can cause the movement of blood difficult in the blood vessels, as these cholesterol sticks to the walls of blood vessels and narrows down the passage area of blood vessels. It may lead to many heart problems including hypertension. 4. Cholesterol are of 2 types, HDL (good cholesterol) and LDL (bad cholesterol). 5. Eating more animal products increase LDL (bad cholesterol), e. g. meat, milk, shrimp, prawn, egg yolk, etc. Cholesterol is not found in Plant foods. 6. Eating Omega 3 and Omega 6 Fatty Acids, eg Salmon Fish, Flax seeds and other nuts, increases HDL (good cholesterol). Still do not eat excess as excess of anything is bad. 7. Doing morning walk or yoga or any other exercises for 1 hour a day reduces bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol. In short, reduce intake of animal products including milk products, increase intake of Poly unsaturated fats (Omega 3 and Omega 6), lead an active lifestyle including climbing stairs and doing exercises regularly will help you to get rid from dangers associated with cholesterol. #saltlakecity

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🤤It’s Show Week🤤 Have you got your tickets yet ?? Message me and let’s get you to this show ! We are so excited for our first hosted event ! You aren’t gonna wanna miss this one 💯 lots of NEW and UNRELEASED music being played that night 💪🏽Come out and enjoy some local music ! 🌲🤘🏽 🎥: @jcvisualsslc • • • #saltlakecity

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Pierre Reuliaux

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GP Associates

We’re hearing all about Janine, Shirley and Hydi’s fantastic trip to the US last week to see some of the @montagehotels collection. They loved getting to know the hoteliers, exploring the towns and seeing all the amazing hotels have to offer. It was great to see @montagedeervalley in the glorious sunshine and heat, but it also offers fantastic ski-in/ski-out access to one of America’s best ski resorts in the winter ⛷ #saltlakecity

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🔵Welcome to Business Race on SOYOTCHI INDEX! This demo-version will show you how your business position is changing in the market and it depends on 4 main indicators: clients, income, area, staff (see previous page.) 🔴Note: it's free and participation is limited (esch sector up to 7 unit) 🔹DM or __________________________ #saltlakecity

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미국 6th 07/07 . LA👉🏻SLC . . . . #saltlakecity