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Haksatriya Dhaneswara (Rio) (@riohkstry) Instagram Profile Photo riohkstry

Haksatriya Dhaneswara (Rio)

Instagram Image by Haksatriya Dhaneswara (Rio) (@riohkstry) with caption : "Bandung banget dalam 1 frame.
Haksatriya Dhaneswara - 27 Nov 2017 - Alun alun Bandung
Nikon F3• Kodak Gold200
#35mm #ind" at Bandung - 1828783835266203552
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Bandung banget dalam 1 frame. Haksatriya Dhaneswara - 27 Nov 2017 - Alun alun Bandung Nikon F3• Kodak Gold200 #retroikafilme


Isa Nurrosid (@isanurrosid) Instagram Profile Photo isanurrosid

Isa Nurrosid

Agung Setya Putra 🐀📸🎞 (@sudahmandi.35mm) Instagram Profile Photo sudahmandi.35mm

Agung Setya Putra 🐀📸🎞

Reza Sulaiman Atiq (@rezasulaiman) Instagram Profile Photo rezasulaiman

Reza Sulaiman Atiq

Instagram Image by Reza Sulaiman Atiq (@rezasulaiman) with caption : "Latte artist dari pulau sebrang.
Devscan : @soupnfilm .
#35mm #indo35mm #retroikafilme #analogphotography #analo" at Snapback and Style - 1828769000667862722

Latte artist dari pulau sebrang. . . . Devscan : @soupnfilm . . #retroikafilme

FilmCameraShooter (@filmcamerashooter) Instagram Profile Photo filmcamerashooter


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Dijual Canon Autoboy 3 _ DM or WA 08122682860 for enquiry & price _ Body 8,5/10 Timer OK Flash OK Ruang film bersih Viewfinder OK Autodate on _ A 1986 model from Canon's phenomenally successful Sure Shot range, this compact 35mm film camera - known as the Top Shot in continental Europe and Autoboy 3 in Japan - was voted European Camera of the Year for putting some very advanced features into an ergonomic package at a reasonable price. The slanted hand grip means the viewfinder can be held flush with the eye as fingers and thumbs aren't in the way. It's also comfortable for shooting one or two-handed. A special feature is the tilting foot on the bottom of the camera, which allows you to place the camera on the floor while shooting upwards at an angle. _ _

35mm daily of Hary (@catch135) Instagram Profile Photo catch135

35mm daily of Hary

image by 35mm daily of Hary (@catch135) with caption : "#hillvalesunny16" - 1828762895019557328
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