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Héloïse Berton ✈️ Follow Me (@hello_berton) Instagram Profile Photo hello_berton

Héloïse Berton ✈️ Follow Me

Instagram Image by Héloïse Berton ✈️ Follow Me (@hello_berton) with caption : "Le plus grand secret pour le bonheur, c'est d'être bien avec soi... 🇲🇪 #followme #montenegro #perast #remember #love #li" at Perast, Montenegro - 1846121355965380153

Le plus grand secret pour le bonheur, c'est d'être bien avec soi... 🇲🇪 #remember



박지원(이국가) (@paaarkjiwon) Instagram Profile Photo paaarkjiwon


image by 박지원(이국가) (@paaarkjiwon) with caption : "#remember #815 #광복절" - 1846120253878526276
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❤ขอเป็นข้ารองพระบาททุกชาติไป💛 (@_time_aa) Instagram Profile Photo _time_aa


Golden Group of Institutions (@goldengroupofinstitutions) Instagram Profile Photo goldengroupofinstitutions

Golden Group of Institutions

Instagram Image by Golden Group of Institutions (@goldengroupofinstitutions) with caption : "#Remember the #Sacrifice of our #freedom #fighters that formed this #Country. Rejoice and celebrate this day with pride." at Golden College of Engineering and Technology, Gurdaspur - 1846119617341172330

#Remember the of our that formed this . Rejoice and celebrate this day with pride. Warm wishes from . Happy Independence Day!

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💬 KEEP CALM and take a moment to Be Intuitive and listen to your inner hearts messages... Remember that you are worthy of life’s gifts and more .... Be Compassion towards yourself while your doing this •Life’s to beautiful to ignore your hearts desires...... Have a beautiful day! Let me know your thoughts See you all tomorrow 🙋‍♀️ - - - - - - _____________________________ #remember

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욱일기 반대 캠페인 War Criminal Flag @remember_project . 욱일기는 전범의 상징입니다. The Rising Sun Flag is the symbol of war criminal. 旭日旗は戦争犯罪の象徴だ . 욱일기는 하켄크로이츠와 같습니다. The Rising Sun Flag and Hakenkreuz are the same. . 우리는 잊지 않습니다. We Remember. . 욱일기가 전범의 상징이기에 전범기라 표기 하는 것 또한 문제 없을 것 같습니다. 국민 정서상 '전범기' 표기가 맞을 수 있습니다. 다만 국제적으로 명확한 지칭을 위해 '욱일기' 표기로 통일합니다. 이 부분에 대한 논쟁은 본질적 문제가 아니기 때문에 자제 부탁드립니다. . #Remember

STEPHANIE MICHELLE (@stphmchhans) Instagram Profile Photo stphmchhans


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365 days ago my lead called me into her office with her cell phone behind her back and I immediately knew what she was about to tell me. My mom had contacted Ranae to tell me the news about my Grandpa. To be honest, thinking of that moment feels like a punch in my stomach. Still. My last grandparent, my dad’s dad, took his last breath on this earth. But he began his new life, reunited with those who left before him. He had a beautiful soul that matched his sweet tooth and smile.. Rather than dwelling on the hole that was left in my heart, I made lemon bars. The last meal (treat) we shared together, just months before he passed. I’m happy I get to celebrate his life through baking and my work family can indulge in the memories, as well, since they’ve been through it all with me it seems. 🍋💛