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War Games and the deck wasn't that bad s/o to the annoying & got the job done, till the next war . The Jacka - Barney The Jack Artist #redheads73


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When that lurkin "Somebody's gotta to Die" Biggie Smalls........ jhfly - Lear jets and Coupes Sounds and things Notorious Big - Somebody's Gotta To Die Life After Death #redheads73

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Win !, Win !, Win! ,Win! S/O Mog ain't my thang but a fun & deadly card to use...... #redheads73

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The big homie came through .... J Dilla - Don't Cry Donuts #redheads73

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Oops nice nado😌 gg non the less. These guys trying to keep me on my toes in this ladder. wuf , fvo rta - Floating Bays/Winter Warm #redheads73

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"You know you done f🙊🙊d up!!!" Bill Duke Clutch freeze 💪and his silly Hog 😂....... Kodak Black - Like Dat Institution #redheads73

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Watch my archers on em at the end😅😂😅😂😅😂...... @joe_da_greatest aka MOG Rich Da Kidd - Plug Walk #redheads73

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S/O da boy Lew ........ "Lew Do You" pesky miner wit the chip dmg to get this comeback vic. Lil Wayne - IANAHB IANAHB 2 #redheads73 game

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S/O to My Musketeers and Flying Machine for letting them bullets fly to the very end....... Spice 1 - Strap on the Side Amerikkkas Nightmare #redheads73

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Support,support,support...... Love it when they quit 😈😈😈 Pete Rock - Midnight and You Petestrumentals #redheads73