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14 y/o 🇪🇸🌿⛸ (@recoveringtoskate) Instagram Profile Photo recoveringtoskate

14 y/o 🇪🇸🌿⛸

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Lunch yesterday were veggie rolls with sweet and sour sauce 🍱 • I’ll post some photos I took today at the beach so I’ll put a triggering warning just in case • • • #recoverywin


Joe Turner (@big_joe_recovery_champion) shared  Image on Instagram - 1849646830334390378
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Not the right order! ☝️ challenge 😳🍨 My parents asked me if I wanted to get some ice cream and walk around the main (a river) a bit and I said yes ☀️ And then we all got an ice cream sundae 😇 I got the raspberry sundae : three!!! 😳 scoops of ice cream with raspberries, chocolate sauce and two waffles (I just ordered it without the whipped cream) 😊 It was absolutely delicious and the afternoon was really nice. We saw some speed boats 🚤 and the weather was just right. It definitely lifted my mood 🙈 On Pic 4 you can see my lunch 😋 I heated the leftover pizza up 🍕

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Tag 64: 🇩🇪 Entschuldigt bitte meinen gestrigen Gefühlsausbruch aber musste ich einfach mal los werden ... Heute war ich ganz gemütlich im Wald, denn ich brauchte einfach mal Zeit für mich ... Zeit zum Abschalten und um zur Ruhe zu kommen. Dabei hab ich wieder Brombeeren gesammelt. Und ob ihr es glaubt oder nicht ich habe sogar wieder ein paar Brombeeren ungerechnet und ungewogen zusätzlich zu meinem Essensplan gegessen. Ja eigentlich eine Nichtigkeit ... aber bitte lacht nicht,  denn für mich war es eine große , doch ich hab es gemacht, denn ich hab die ES sooo satt und will endlich wieder LEBEN und REISEN ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Frühstück: Milchschnitte und dazu Milchkaffee Mittagssnack: Milchschnitte die Zweite und dazu Milchkaffee Nachmittagssnack: Schüssel Vanillequark, ein paar Minimöhren und Himbeere Abendessen: Zwei weitere kleine des Tages ... Fleisch und Fertigsoße mit Öl (!!!) Habe heut im Wald beschlossen mal mehr Fleisch als üblich zu nehmen, um meinen Plan ein zu erhöhen (irgendwie inspiriert durch 4 starke Kämpferinnen ... Danke @fees_littleworld). Daher gab es heute Hähnchenstreifen mit Möhren und Brokkolie in fertiger Chinasoße "Kantonesische Art" und dazu Reis. Ja ich bin ehrlich ... es war ein Kampf ... es hat mich viel Kraft und Willen gekostet ... es sind Tränen gekullert ... ABER ich hab es geschafft und es war super lecker Nightsnack: ~ 1 Chillilakritzbonbon, ~ 1 Joghurt mit der Ecke Venezia, ~ 1 Leckermäulchen Banane, ~ 3 Schokoplätzchen, ~ 1 Ü-Ei, ~ 1 Merci Kaffeesahne Bonbon , ~ 1 Rittersport Mini Marzipan, ~ 1 Toblerone White, ~ 1 Toblerone Dark, ~ 1 Daimbonbon, ~ 1 Kinder Hippo Cacao und ~ 1 Mars Eis

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First full day leave since overdoses and this girl went to the beach PLUS home for 30mins for first time in two weeks!🌟 • Lunch today -in the car- was a bagel, two slices of chicken + cucumber and tomatoes with 10 strawberries (UNWEIGHED!) and 2 Percy pigs 🐽 + Dr Pepper zero, mint tea, Diet Coke! • Bagels used to be a fear due to them being higher then ‘bread slices’ but this girl just slayed yet another bagel 👊🏼 I always weigh my fruit but today I didn’t I just went by amount! #recoverywin • Today I went to the beach and saw a air show and it was so nice to be out ! But I have realised how being on a night feed has made my choices with food become so bad... as I had to go back to loads of calories tonight it made me think that I was not worthy of so many things... I wanted ice cream and oh my I was so able to have one but my head was like your ‘ having X amount tonight don’t ‘... it’s made me think should I move my night feed spaced out in fortisips during the day in snack times?? Then when I’m out I can enjoy the time and actually feel like I am worthy of some foods... it has been a big eye opener and now I’m shit scared for weigh in as done 30,000 steps less then usual today😓 • I am also terrified for weigh in as last night I had to drink my night feed orally as they don’t have my fortisip NG bag in stock... I feel so dirty by doing this and so unworthy... it put me in worst mood... I couldn’t sleep last night due to having it spaced through the night... it won’t make a difference to my weight right?drinking it myself?? It’s going in the quicker the calories does that mean I’ll gain faster?! • On top of this I had a massive argument with a bank staff last night and I woke up the patients by screaming- she gave me 0 support 0 words during part one of my feed orally NONE and no words while I was crying through the hour and it ended up with me retaliating and snapping at her... we then argued and she was saying how I am rude, disrespectful, need anger management classes, then told me to piss off so then I told her to piss off and how she cannot talk to me a patient like that and needs to get a new job... I know I was wrong to but I had-CONTINUE IN COMMENTS

Anorexia Recovery (@freebee00) Instagram Profile Photo freebee00

Anorexia Recovery

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Znowu dużo zjadłam:( mam wyrzuty sumienia... oprócz tego co na zdjęciach zjadłam jeszcze, dwie bułki, później serek, banana i na kolację trzy tosty. To naprawdę dużo. Boże czemu ja tak dużo ostatnio jem? Ogólnie w pracy do południa było głupio, bo mamy taką oliwie i ona jest po prostu okropna. Ma 22 lata a zachowuje się jakby miała 12. Serio. Skarży na mnie i w ogóle rządzi się, poucza mnie a sama źle robi XD No nienawidzę takich ludzi. Ja oczywiście się jej nie daje, ale wkurza mnie bardzo i humor mi psuje. win

always be kind, and smile☺️ (@recovery_inspiration_) Instagram Profile Photo recovery_inspiration_

always be kind, and smile☺️

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Didn’t have time to post this amazing dinner from last night😋 my mom made roasted turkey with sweet potato and carrots. For my night snack I had a yogurt bowl!! Been in a really good place in my recovery right now. The week started out bad but somewhere along the way things just got clearer and I challenged myself to a lot of things and I proud. Hope this feeling continues. Recovery is hard but I’m looking forward to life afterwards😽❤️ happy Sunday!! . . . . #recoverywin

image by @gainingforhealth with caption : "^ bc this applies to my best friend and I'm w her rn. still feeling kinda good. the high is gone and I didn't crash like"- 1849631572086849254
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^ bc this applies to my best friend and I'm w her rn. still feeling kinda good. the high is gone and I didn't crash like always. still different tho than usual bc I've never come to her place this late and we're just laying around playing games. can't help but feel really lazy and I don't like to lay down so much if I'm not actually going to sleep

Recovering sunflower 🌼 (@thebloomingofmysoul) Instagram Profile Photo thebloomingofmysoul

Recovering sunflower 🌼

image by Recovering sunflower 🌼 (@thebloomingofmysoul) with caption : "Chicken sandwich, 2x cottage cheese, rice pudding (!!!) And banana (!!)... Awful picture but lunch outside was a packed " - 1849631414062385574
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Chicken sandwich, 2x cottage cheese, rice pudding (!!!) And banana (!!)... Awful picture but lunch outside was a packed meal from the unit... I ate this with my boyfriend, I had breakfast at the hospital and I have the rest of the day as a pass. I had a bagged lunch, and I will make supper with my brother, and already planned my snack... I am in a very low mood. Yesterday was an awful day. Friday night too. This morning was terrible as well. My brother is gone and I am alone in my house. Meals have been hard. I have cried all meals, probably alll the unit hates me for triggering them with my tears... my contract is gone in two weeks then uni starts. Without my work I am afraid I will have no motivation to keep alive. My ed is too strong right now. I have no hope today tbh. I hope I can get back up💔