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Zeus The Shihpoo (@zeus_the_shihpoo) Instagram Profile Photo zeus_the_shihpoo

Zeus The Shihpoo

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My cousin and I playing together. I’m small rn but I’ll get him one day...#rambunctious



Sean McCormick (@gayleydailey) Instagram Profile Photo gayleydailey

Sean McCormick

image by Sean McCormick (@gayleydailey) with caption : "Day 54—Tink is normally feisty and rambunctious...but that is straight up murder in her eyes #tinkerbell #pixiedust #dis" - 1826721909514168960
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Day 54—Tink is normally feisty and rambunctious...but that is straight up murder in her eyes #rambunctious

Malcolm&Mary (@malcolmandmary) Instagram Profile Photo malcolmandmary


image by Malcolm&Mary (@malcolmandmary) with caption : "Strain Name: Ace of Spades - Sativa/ Hybrid - Terpene Profile : Strong Cheese, funk, feet, and slight must (very pungent" - 1826529879002701770
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Strain Name: Ace of Spades - Sativa/ Hybrid - Terpene Profile : Strong Cheese, funk, feet, and slight must (very pungent aroma all together). All though this may not sound the most enticing, I would 100% consider myself a cheese head when it comes to cannabis terpenes.Plus the high is very hard to beat due to its happy tendencies😇 : experience is incredibly uplifting and has a very invigorating head and creative psychoactive high. Is clear headed enough to allow physical motivation, exercise, excitement, and could for sure serve as an due to the happy tendencies. Euphoria is not too strong or mild,(and experience is fairly social as well. The skunk and cheese terpenes always provide me with a funny vibe as well as beautiful butterflies that rise from the lower abdomen up. Strains with this scent are very silly as well, making them perfect for pre gaming, but may not recommend for indulging with too many others, better off smoking alone because high can seem very #rambunctious lol. Also Noted that mentality is very opinionated ( and 100% okay with that 😇) is perfect allowing for a “dog with a bone determination “. High reminds me of the movie lucky number sleven in the way in which your perspective comes off as very dramatic, yet funny, and fairly thrilling!! Incredibly strong and even though a scraggly Sativa that isn’t too dense, burns super well(very slow) and barely finished one bowl on three separate trials. love saving. Great for and no problem maintaining a high level of intensity💪🏾. To be honest, overall cheese and skunk 🧀 terpenes leaves you so happy that nothing else matters having anxiety and worries melt away. The however does not come through as completely cheesy, but as very bright with some sweet, and slightly floral notes leaving a incredible umami aftertaste. That has my mouth watering just thinking about it. Because I love cheese terpenes so much I feel as though I should recommend just because the high itself when dealing with these terpenese are so well rounded. It’s amazing! And also super positive!

Friday 27th July we get to play alongside that wonderful @hodguez on the right rowdy Ace of Clubs stage within the breathtaking grounds of @porteliotfestival . We start just after midnight, because unlike Cinderella we ain’t gotta curfew. Come party with us 🎪🎉💃🏼. . . . . . #rambunctious

Terry Harris (@terrywesttnk9) Instagram Profile Photo terrywesttnk9

Terry Harris

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Do your dogs behave without training tools? If not, here is how you change that. The two dogs in the background have a history of aggression toward small dogs. They have both been with me about a week. After the foundation is laid, and protocols are in place, it is time to bring them out to see how they are progressing. Both dogs are tied back for safety but they are able to get a full body length off of the cot. Although both dogs have been working on ecollar, neither one of them has it on. It is important for me to see how the dogs are responding to the training, when the training tools are taken down to a bare minimum. So often dogs are conditioned to the tools we use, and not really trained. Does your dog listen as well without a prong or ecollar? If not make sure that you are using them consistently, and running through training protocols over and over. Remember it is repetition that teaches the dogs. Tools just help us speed up the process. Thanks to Bailey for coming by to help me again today.