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Joshua Gropper (@shh_itsa_trap) Instagram Profile Photo shh_itsa_trap

Joshua Gropper

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Day 1 of phase 2! Practicing speed deadlifts 8x2x185 was a little light but have never lifted fast before. Will add some weight next time💪💪 . . . . . . #powerlifting


Hybrid Performance Method (@hybridperformancemethod) Instagram Profile Photo hybridperformancemethod

Hybrid Performance Method

Hybrid coach @ian_the_rhino_ has the heart of a lion. ・・・ “So after squats yesterday I broke into the 700lb club with 320/705. The goal today was 715-725 for a double, but some days I just forget my positioning and this was one of those days. Had 3-4 misses at 683, backing back down for multiple lighter reps every time. Quads/IT bands were pretty achy by the time I got to this and just didn’t have it in them to lock out the second rep, but pretty confident with this weight now considering how tired I was. But you live and learn, and this was still an 22lb all time PR for me. Two weeks to deload, let things heal, and dial technique in.”

Power Chic (@powerchic8) Instagram Profile Photo powerchic8

Power Chic

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A little ... It took me 2 years to get brave enough to flip upside down😭😟😌😁 and 20 minutes to learn handstand push-ups🤣🤣🤣 I constantly have to remind myself to get out my head! 💪❤😊

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Today was definitely a struggle for me. I had better but I definitely had worst. During my last warm up set I sat down in the corner and mentally got myself together. Not hyping myself up but talking myself through my sets. Sometimes you have to realize before your working set today is not your best day but you can push through it. Keep visualizing that platform. It’s already been my first week squatting everyday and my body still trying to adjust after the competition, this is definitely still a win. 1st Video- Top Set with 480lbs 2nd Video- Dead Squats (parallel) 440 x 1 I did 3 more sets @theofficialgorillagainz #powerlifting 😍👅💯

image by Anu-D (@anil_duggal) with caption : "My aim is to have bigger shoulders  biceps and mid lats! People say I look great right now... if I had to be honest with" - 1845963227324135882
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My aim is to have bigger shoulders biceps and mid lats! People say I look great right now... if I had to be honest with myself, I’m no where near what I have visualised for myself. But I’m going to make it happen by the end of this plan! lifting

Doug Mitchell (@douggie_m) Instagram Profile Photo douggie_m

Doug Mitchell

Instagram Image by Doug Mitchell (@douggie_m) with caption : "Please watch and share this link.

@mrstethompso" at Mammoth Power Gym - 1845962996267011141

Please watch and share this link. @mrstethompson Came to Mammoth power to do a webcast for Mental Health Mondays as part of The BIG Daddy Foundation and spoke with us about the campaign. Breaking the stigma against mental health and trying to get men to start talking more, improving the help available. Massive respect to Danny's mum @suzie_jayne for the amazing amount of work she has put into to trying to improve things for those suffering from mental health and for their families. Your an incredible strong and inspirational women. #powerlifting

Edgar guatemalangorilla

Edgar "GuatemalanGorilla" Ruiz

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Offering a free training assessment" Located in the city of Redondo Beach Personal training online nutrition coaching BootCamp services Contact Edgar Ruiz 424-558-6424 Instagram@ GuatemalanGorilla Instagram@ B.F.S._TrainingSystems lifting Free Training assessment-4245586424

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Trying on gear with coach @project_sixkiller so obviously I had to be a goon. I'm SO nervous for this meet, but I've have so much support. I can't believe I was almost 300lbs on year ago, and now I'm about to hit my first powerlifting meet. This life is crazy yall! ^ ^ ^ #powerlifting @girlswhopowerlift