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Lynne Arnold (@poppyoftheday) Instagram Profile Photo poppyoftheday

Lynne Arnold

image by Lynne Arnold (@poppyoftheday) with caption : "Summer solstice." - 1807221081669425284
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Summer solstice.



Erna_Gotyar (@ernagotyar) Instagram Profile Photo ernagotyar


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I usually ask @claudebodel to take a photo of me, but I always take a few photos to test the composition and camera settings before I give it back to him... then we swap. i think you get the idea. I couldn’t resist to post these 2 of him being just himself! Who else does this? I would love to see some of your outtakes 😅 . . #poppyfield

Amy Kennedy (@amykenn_) Instagram Profile Photo amykenn_

Amy Kennedy

image by Amy Kennedy (@amykenn_) with caption : "Perks of working outside ☀️🌾 #lifeofanecologist #ecology #workingoutdoors #poppyfield #sunset" - 1807179424321656256
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Perks of working outside ☀️🌾 #poppyfield

Jennifer Brown (@jenolsonbrown) Instagram Profile Photo jenolsonbrown

Jennifer Brown

One of the most thorough collections of Impressionist paintings, the Musée D’Orsay displays Monet, Renoir, Degas, Cézanne, Sisley, Pizarro, Manet, & Cassatt. My mom received her Masters Degree in Art History & displayed art books around the house. These images are like old friends. Seeing them elicits childhood memories, familiarity & intrigue. Said by the museum’s own description, “The artists preferred a style of painting that captured the moment, that conveyed a personal and subjective impression of a changing world.” Their rapid brushstrokes & atmospheric light represented a world vastly different from the precise, idealistic works of the past. #poppyfield