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Marree Chara 🙆‍♀️ (@__marree.chara__) Instagram Profile Photo __marree.chara__

Marree Chara 🙆‍♀️

image by Marree Chara 🙆‍♀️ (@__marree.chara__) with caption : "Know your worth, then add tax 😝 
#throwback🔙" - 1825365751983031648
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Know your worth, then add tax 😝 🔙


David Keen (@davidkeen1) Instagram Profile Photo davidkeen1

David Keen

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DAY TWO 2️⃣ Yesterday was lower body which means today was upper body! 😁 Barbell bench 120 x 10 125 x 7 Chin ups 6 before my hamstring cramped up 😂 Bodyweight x 13 then 11 Dumbbell shoulder press 40 x 11 40 x 9 Incline dumbbell curl 12.5 x 15 12.5 x 10 Tricep pushdown 37.5 x 15 37.5 x 10 Sucks to struggle with weights that used to be my warm up! But give me a few weeks and they'll be my warm ups once again 😉

Gordon Telford (@gordontelford) Instagram Profile Photo gordontelford

Gordon Telford

image by Gordon Telford (@gordontelford) with caption : "10 mins before it all went wrong 🤦🏽‍♂️we ate strategically for 6 months no days off, trained min of 4 days a week with s" - 1825365073822365508
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10 mins before it all went wrong 🤦🏽‍♂️we ate strategically for 6 months no days off, trained min of 4 days a week with set goals, got full, got hard, got shredded then guess what? The second you step on that stage and the lights are burning in your face, the first time you stand side by side 8 other strong competitors who some of had won title before the heart rate goes through the roof and it all changes. I forgot what I was doing, I forgot I had to smile, I done my 1/4 turns the wrong direction, I closed my lats every time in comparisons, my posture was shocking. Many right now would blame the judges, the stage, the coach, the approach but every one of those things were bang on and I fucked it myself. But those are the same people who give up. Who pass the blame and convince them self and others and that they done ok. Not me, I don’t give up. We took a couple of days of to re compose and we’re back at it again in 6 weeks and WE ARE bringing home the gold. I wouldn’t be in this position if it wasn’t for my wife @__.jt_ keeping me focused even though she took the brunt of the doubts, the arguments, the huffy fits, she didn’t give up on me and knew how important this is to me and my future plans. Can’t thank that goddess enough. My coach @damienharrierpt didn’t let me slip up once. Epic nutrition knowledge and none of this bro science of coco pops and haribo 👀. Whole foods get whole results. I owe it to both of you and myself to compose this and bring home the gold. @ukdfba we will meet again in Heywood and again it’s been a pleasure being a member of such a good natural federation. #physique