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This has my old water mark, oops. Just a fair warning other post will be like this too. "I love you," Allison whispered as she took her last breath in her lover's arms. "Allison? Allison, please. Please don't go. I love you, please." Kira cried out as her tears rolled down her face. "Please..." she begged, but she didn't receive a response. • • • • • #peterhale

Isaac-Peter-Stiles (@hale_lahey_stilinski) Instagram Profile Photo hale_lahey_stilinski


image by Isaac-Peter-Stiles (@hale_lahey_stilinski) with caption : "Tio Peter ♥️💕 #teenwolf #peterhale #hale" - 1828752587166177829
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Tio Peter ♥️💕 #peterhale

Ian, my idol😍 (@ianbohenbg) Instagram Profile Photo ianbohenbg

Ian, my idol😍

image by Ian, my idol😍 (@ianbohenbg) with caption : "Ian is life ❤❤❤
(Credit: @paolabdessi )
#ianbohen #peterhale #teenwolf #werewolf" - 1828734557203769222
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Ian is life ❤❤❤ (Credit: @paolabdessi ) @ianbohen #peterhale

T££N W0£F 🐺 & SHADOWHUNTERS❤ (@ragazzi.lupo.shadow) Instagram Profile Photo ragazzi.lupo.shadow


image by T££N W0£F 🐺 & SHADOWHUNTERS❤ (@ragazzi.lupo.shadow) with caption : "Buona notte ❤ 
Good night❤ 
#PeterHale #IanBohen #TeenWolf #f4f ~Derek" - 1828698080147167868
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Buona notte ❤ Good night❤ #PeterHale ~Derek