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Chelsea Kuzel ( Instagram Profile Photo

Chelsea Kuzel

3 minute plank challenge!💪🏼 ⁉️Are you up for it? ❗️Each exercise is 30 seconds and move between them with little to no rest🔥Comment below if you think you can do it! 😉 . . . #personaltraining


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Jordan Petts

image by Jordan Petts (@jpxpt) with caption : "If you struggle to eat enough calories (like me) shakes are the way to go! I’m adding two a day in between my main meals" - 1847224943291143957
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If you struggle to eat enough calories (like me) shakes are the way to go! I’m adding two a day in between my main meals to jack up the energy content of my diet . Commercial weight/mass gainers wreak havoc with your energy because they don’t contain any fibre - that’ll mean they pile-drive into your bloodstream and give you a surge of energy followed by a hugh crash! Take this one on and I guarantee you it’s more cost-effective and better for health AND gains . 1-2 scoops chocolate whey 3 sachets quick oats 1 whole banana 1 tbsp cashew butter (peanut and almond work too) 1 tsbp hemp seeds 1 tsp nutella . This’ll give you exactly 1,000,006 calories, 60g protein with enough fibre to prevent crashes . I blend mine with water, because it’s already at the limit of what the can take on - give it a go with milk if you’re feeling lucky! . And to cap things off, shakes are brilliant for people who don’t have a huge appetite as you can down 600-800 calories without it touching the sides! And because of this I recommend that people attempting to LOSE bodyfat/weight should avoid meal replacement shakes and keep to simple protein shakes - get as much of your nutrition from satiating whole food as poss . #personaltraining


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image by REBEL FITNESS 🥊 (@rebelbloomfield) with caption : "🔥🥊 Rebel fam 🥊🔥" - 1847224819020550241
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🔥🥊 Rebel fam 🥊🔥

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