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Own Your Fitness™ (@own_your_fitness) Instagram Profile Photo own_your_fitness

Own Your Fitness™

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Back training is the more important aspect of upper body training. It holds everything in your spine and helps maintain a strong upright posture. Hence the expression “act like you have a spine”. Train to stand up right. #personaltrainer


Joseph Ventura (@joseph_ventura) Instagram Profile Photo joseph_ventura

Joseph Ventura

- Circuito aproximadamente de 30 minutos, repetir unas 3 o 5 veces. . . . - Ten paciencia, constancia y valor.💪🏼💪🏼 . . . #personaltrainer

Faye's Fitness (@fayesfitness_pt) Instagram Profile Photo fayesfitness_pt

Faye's Fitness

image by Faye's Fitness (@fayesfitness_pt) with caption : "New Synergy model 😛. @synergyworldwide -
As some of you already know, I grow an Elite Health networking business alongsi" - 1826285020483720946
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New Synergy model 😛. @synergyworldwide - As some of you already know, I grow an Elite Health networking business alongside my PT and I wanted to share with you the reason WHY. - I love being a personal trainer/coach and working with all my beautiful ladies on 12 week packages focusing on nutrition/ gut health/ energy/ exercise/fat loss but I also love having flexibility/freedom. My first year being a PT I worked every hour 5am - 9pm. In order to pay my rent, I needed a certain amount of clients so this was a lot of pressure as I was self employed, but 3 years on I have built a reputation and I now have a home gym and I network with an amazing company. - This business allows me too: - 1. Work with less clients (meaning they have my full attention 100% and I’m not having to work every hour in the day to fit everyone in my working day) 2. Have flexibility to work less hours as I have 2 separate streams of income 🙂 3. Travel more and go on holiday which we all know I live for ✈️ 4. Work with other professionals and get FREE business training 5. Reach better results with clients through the elite health supplement which targets gut health and energy 6. Be involved with a business that has amazing incentives, a great business model and allows me to work with a variety of different professionals such as doctors, surgeons and nutritionists etc. Most importantly, this allows me to progress into becoming a great business woman! 💯😛. ✨ any questions just ask... #personaltrainer

Trainer Magazin (@trainer_magazin) Instagram Profile Photo trainer_magazin

Trainer Magazin

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Neue Stoffwechselanalyse-Funktion „DYNOSTICS nutrition“ - Auf der diesjährigen FIBO hat DYNOSTICS erstmalig seine smarte Stoffwechselanalyse-Funktion „DYNOSTICS nutrition“ präsentiert. Das innovative System ist bereits in über 27 Ländern und 5 Sprachen im Einsatz. Als Profis der Fitnessbranche wissen wir: Kunden wünschen sich möglichst effektive Programme, die ihre persönlichen Stoffwechselparameter mit einbeziehen. Außerdem sollen die Trainingsziele schnell und ohne Frust erreicht werden. Eine zielgenau passende Kombination aus individuellen Ernährungsplänen und Trainingseinheiten ist dazu gefragt – und stellt Trainer vor große Herausforderungen. 🏃🏼‍♀️📱 #Personaltrainer @dynostics

Private | Fitness | Studio (@fithousevn) Instagram Profile Photo fithousevn

Private | Fitness | Studio

image by Private | Fitness | Studio (@fithousevn) with caption : "Mai ta lại đi tập chứ nhỉ 😜 #ahuu
Thứ 5 mỗi tuần #NHÀFIT sẽ có : 
Salad, Cơm gạo lứt hoặc Gỏi cuốn để đổi m" - 1826284743609319216
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Mai ta lại đi tập chứ nhỉ 😜 ------------ Thứ 5 mỗi tuần sẽ có : Salad, Cơm gạo lứt hoặc Gỏi cuốn để đổi món nhé. ----------- . . Mô hình đầu tiên ở . _____________________________________ 🏠 62 Phạm Ngọc Thạch, P6, Q3 . #personaltrainer

Personal Trainer (@diego_jony) Instagram Profile Photo diego_jony

Personal Trainer

Água gelada tamanho 0.50 e tromba um amigo na valinha privilégio de morar na praia né não @tkvidal 😂😂💀☠🤙🙏👀🏄‍♂️ #personaltrainer