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FINESSE LEVINE (@finesselevine) Instagram Profile Photo finesselevine


NRG Stadium Report Download 2 3

OTRII 2018 Houston Great to capture the epic moment of @djnasty and @djkhaled alongside @hardbodykiotti @paulwallbaby @traeabn @kingcombs @ingrid @propain713 @bunb @brothermob @kodaklens @rosenbergradio • •Video Credit 🎥: @finesselevine • #OnTheRun

Ekaksha Rathi Verma (@nickoteen5510) Instagram Profile Photo nickoteen5510

Ekaksha Rathi Verma

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Átila Viana Santos ⚓️ (@atilasantos84) Instagram Profile Photo atilasantos84

Átila Viana Santos ⚓️

Instagram Image by Átila Viana Santos ⚓️ (@atilasantos84) with caption : ""Life is Only As Good As Your Mindset" 📷: @pattondelo #KeepWalking #Floripa #OntheRun" at Lagoa da Conceicao - 1871505972577649924

"Life is Only As Good As Your Mindset" 📷: @pattondelo #OntheRun (@thelaunchmag) Instagram Profile Photo thelaunchmag

Info: (@alanrubenh) Instagram Profile Photo alanrubenh


Instagram Image by Info: (@alanrubenh) with caption : "Life is for living, not living up tight, see ya somewhere up in the sky Fear not die, I'll be alive for a million Years." at NRG Stadium - 1871502926229404445
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Life is for living, not living up tight, see ya somewhere up in the sky Fear not die, I'll be alive for a million Years. #ONTHERUN

iamk_spice (@iamk_spice) Instagram Profile Photo iamk_spice


image by iamk_spice (@iamk_spice) with caption : "💕💜💕This Happiness Can’t Be F%@&ed With💕💜💕
#ontherun #gasandgo #itsbeenaminute #grinding #effortless #thatglow #thatsme #" - 1871501260419873522
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What’s your why???? Why do you run? Peeps...let’s be real for a minute. Marathon training is hard, but we all do it for a reason. My sis was on point with this sticker for me 👌🏼👌🏼 . . . Just remember YOUR why.... . . My why varies . And I push myself because I can. . . Because being uncomfortable is HARD AF. . . Because I set a goal, and by gosh I’m going to crush that goal. These goals vary as well. . . Today for example...I’m not in MN farmland anymore...I live by the mountains in WY...I have no choice but to run hills now...and for those who know me, know I hate running hills. So today I set out to run up the side of this hill 10 times...and that’s just what I did...and then ran home...UP the very hill that usually makes me walk....but not this time. #ontherun