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hoopers paradise

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Nate Robinson stepped up when needed most after Chicago lost Rose and was in need of a point guard to step up * Nate Robinson Position| Point Guard Height| 5'9 College- University of Washington * 2012-13 Regular Season Stats 13.1 ppg~ 2.2 rpg~ 4.4 apg 2012-13 Playoff Stats 16.3 ppg~ 2.7 rpg~ 4.4 apg * Nate played spectacular for the Bulls. He was the reason they were able to even get out of the first round. The Bulls won 4-3 in this series. In game 4 on april 27th, 2013 Nate scored 24 points in the 4th quarter. Then led the bulls in game 7. * #naterobinson


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Hani yoksun 😎🔥@karakayamukremin #naterobinson


Instagram Image by Eric Naon (@theericnaon) with caption : "If you don’t know this guy, you need to know. I like to call him “the little Lebron James”. I have never met him but I’m" at Los Angeles, California - 1846611368138366117

If you don’t know this guy, you need to know. I like to call him “the little Lebron James”. I have never met him but I’m sure he wouldn’t like to be called that, because he’s the one and only Nate Robinson. He went to college on a football scholarship, focused on b-ball in his sophomore year and after his junior year was picked 21st overall in the NBA draft. Anyways, this guy is a mother fucking athletic beast freak with skill...the Average height in the nba is 6’7”...he’s listed as 5’9”...Why are you bringing down the average height Nate? I could go on, but my favorite story is his first slam dunk contest win (again 5’9”). He got to the final, against @andre (super awesome gracious dude, also amazing player) and of course they tied...Dunk Off...So Nate was up and tried a super ridiculously difficult dunk. After roughly like 6 tries people thought maybe he was done...nope...he wasn’t embarrassed, he was going to do the dunk. After 14 tries, and a little over 4 minutes, he did the dunk! Because there was no rule against the number of attempts or time limit, and because his dunk was hard, he couldn’t technically be penalized. Anyways, he ended up winning (keep reading tho)!!! Because of what he did, the rules changed the following years (time limit added)...Didn’t matter, he won two more (only player in nba history, so far, to win 3 slam dunk contests). Anyways, its not the size of the man, its the size of his heart...well not really, physically larger men probably have bigger hearts...but @naterobinson , you are a fucking awesome crazy amazing beast freak!!! Somebody needs to sign this guy!!!! Hey @magicjohnson I know you have a lot of (“It’s time to give it up”, maybe something you said during the contest, also u don’t listen to that voice) magic on the squad, but a little more never HEART. inson Shoutout2 @isaiahthomas @thejetontnt

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Баскетбольный секонд-хенд

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Футболка New York Knicks Nate Robinson # 4 Длина 79, ширина 61 Отличное состояние 350 грн #naterobinson

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Twitter @KingJordanRad

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Lol #naterobinson was a GIANT on that court🏀💪🏿💪🏿💯💯💯

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TheChicagoBullpen| 2.5k

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@naterobinson is undeniably one of the biggest fan favorites Chicago has seen in recent memory. The 5'9", 180 lb tank was the epitome of "heart over height" and played a pivotal role in the Bulls' success after Rose's devastating injury. ~ He only started 23 games during the regular season and played an average of just 25.4 minutes per contest, but still led the team in 3-point percentage, was 2nd in assists, and 3rd in scoring. Not to mention, he absolutely came alive during the playoffs and had the memorable 23 point 4th quarter against the Nets in the first round. ~ It's unfortunate that Nate Rob only was only with us for a season and it's even more crazy to me that he's not in the NBA. He deserved an appreciation post for his time with the Bulls. Please tag him so he knows he's appreciated by all of you. . ~ Also, damn, making these drained my battery 😂 but it was worth it.

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@NateRobinson came to the @AEBLHoops Pro-Am to bless the court and show out for the Playoffs this past weekend! Watch the full highlight reel on our ... #NateRobinson

FromTheBottomTV (@fromthebottomtv) Instagram Profile Photo fromthebottomtv


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@illwill_FTB and stopped by @AEBLHoops this past weekend and watched @NateRobinson bless the court for the playoffs! Follow @AEBLHoops for more updates and clips! Subscribe to on @Youtube #NateRobinson

Woozy Will (@illwill_ftb) Instagram Profile Photo illwill_ftb

Woozy Will

@NateRobinson came to the @AEBLHoops Pro-Am to bless the court and show out for the Playoffs this past weekend and I caught all of it 😎🤘🏾 Checkout some of the highlights from the biggest Pro-Am in ATL.... full highlight reel on @FromTheBottomTV’s ... #NateRobinson