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Connor Tierney (@tierneyonthetee) Instagram Profile Photo tierneyonthetee

Connor Tierney

Instagram Image by Connor Tierney (@tierneyonthetee) with caption : "Change your breakfast, change your metabolism: *Fat is your friend. For most people from dinner to breakfast because of " at Woodridge, Illinois - 1847951432955864498

Change your breakfast, change your metabolism: *Fat is your friend. For most people from dinner to breakfast because of sleep they go sometimes 10-12 hours without eating (could be considered a small fast). When you wake up in the morning the glycogen stores in your muscles and fat are depleted which is the usual source of fuel for your body. Glycogen is created from carbs, sugar, glucose intake that our bodies most easily convert to energy. This is why your morning meal is so important to your metabolism. ___ If you feed your body heavy refined carbs or sugar from things like bagels and cereals it will use that as energy then when those carbs/sugars are used your metabolism dies down until you feed it more carbs or sugar. If you deprive it of carbs and feed it more fat it switches over to burn fat as energy. Once your body switches to burning fat as energy and the food you ate for breakfast is digested your metabolism doesn’t slow down it continues by burning leftover fat stores in your body. ___ If you are somebody who has an excess amount of fat lingering on your body, 3 breakfasts like this a week in a row with a low-moderate carb intake the rest of the day along with a fitness program can help to supercharge your metabolism and help aid in faster weight loss. ___ Is this a good long term plan for everyday? My personal opinion no, that is why I utilize cyclical Keto, 5 days a week I aim to keep carbs under 60 grams with high fat intake then 2 Days a week I carb load to restore my muscles glycogen stores which are important for an active lifestyle. ___ A major DO NOT with this approach is to have a high fat and high carb intake. High fat and high carb at the same time can cause health issues down the road and actually cause weight gain. ___ If you have any questions on different breakfast recipes or anything above feel free to DM me.

JLE Fitness (@jlefitness_) Instagram Profile Photo jlefitness_

JLE Fitness

image by JLE Fitness (@jlefitness_) with caption : "2 very important words..." - 1847950300275653441
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2 very important words...

Always Motivated 🕶👓 (@alwaysmotivated1) Instagram Profile Photo alwaysmotivated1

Always Motivated 🕶👓

Always Motivated 🕶👓 (@alwaysmotivated1) shared  Image on Instagram - 1847950080587853668
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