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EXOL From Kazakhstan💗💗💗 (@iloveexo1558) Instagram Profile Photo iloveexo1558

EXOL From Kazakhstan💗💗💗

Pasha Quliyev✵ (@quliievv) Instagram Profile Photo quliievv

Pasha Quliyev✵

Mcsweeney Martial Arts (M.M.A) (@mcsweeney_martial_arts) Instagram Profile Photo mcsweeney_martial_arts

Mcsweeney Martial Arts (M.M.A)

Instagram Image by Mcsweeney Martial Arts (M.M.A) (@mcsweeney_martial_arts) with caption : "#repost Coach @mcsweeneymma .
I have been living in Thailand for about 4 years on and off, of course it's seasonal high " at Phuket, Thailand - 1804331569659606211

Coach @mcsweeneymma . I have been living in Thailand for about 4 years on and off, of course it's seasonal high season ( hot weather) low season ( rainy weather.... But facts are this is were we live, training and fighting is what I do. Now for students, or anyone out there that wants to be a fighter. You have to see yourself as a business, A, be on time B, show up and work 2 times a day C,eat clean Now show me another job were you can show up late? And it be ok.... Show me a job were you work only 4 hours a day and get paid a great wage?? Show me one that cos of rain you can not come to work?? Do you think you would keep your job? Its your choice to live in a seasonal country, it's your choice to ride a scooter or a car? Its your choice........ I wonder if there was a emergency at the home and you had to go to hospital, Would you go? Or would you say sorry I can not take you to hospital RAINING outside....... If you choice you would drive in the rain for emergency then no reason to not drive to the gym. Strange how people perceive there position in this sport...... Hard work Sacrifice Dedication Commitment These are all high traights needed to achieve high level........ Easy to find a excuse. It's ok guys this sport is not for everyone, times like these are signs to see who's hungry and who's not..... In life it's easy to say I wana do that..... I wana be a champion...... I want to be this level...... Earn this much money...... But I tell you this not one champion that does thee above misses training. That's why they are were they are That's why they serve to they are.... Rant done. I'm training.

WOLF Self Defence (@wolfselfdefence) Instagram Profile Photo wolfselfdefence

WOLF Self Defence

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This little love wire is tougher than he looks. Great defence sessions with Christopher who is just 9 years old. To find out more information on how WOLF Self Defence can help you with your confidence, fitness and of course self defence. Send us a DM or email us at • • • #MMA