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Omar Coria 🍍 (@omar_coria) Instagram Profile Photo omar_coria

Omar Coria 🍍

Instagram Image by Omar Coria 🍍 (@omar_coria) with caption : "#lookbook @simplebytrista ⚡️ #simplebytrista 🔥 REECE. @reecefperkins 🇺🇸 @wanted_models by #OmarCoria 🍍/ mua-hair: maripi" at Hamburg, Germany - 1808043655552198019

@simplebytrista ⚡️ 🔥 REECE. @reecefperkins 🇺🇸 @wanted_models by 🍍/ mua-hair: maripili / #mexicocity


✋All the stars are inhabited and the gods always come from the constellation of the Pleiades. coming from the stars and returning to them; They traveled through the heavens in ships of fire, possessed terrifying weapons and promised immortality to men. Then came the word, they came together "Tepeu and Gucumatz" in the darkness of the night And they talked to each other meditating. they agreed, put together their words and their thoughts. Then it manifested itself clearly as they meditated, that when the sun came up man should appear. Then they arranged the creation and growth of the trees and the vines. And the birth of life and the clarity of the creation of man, was thus arranged in the darkness and in the night by the heart of heaven called hurricane .. after the age of the fourth Sun Quetzalcoatl, along with his brother Xolotl , descended to Mictlán to get the bones of the humans killed in the great flood of the fourth era. Upon learning Mictlantecuhtli, lord of the underworld, sent in his pursuit a quail. During the flight Quetzalcoatl released the bones that broke into a thousand pieces. But all was not lost, Cihuacoatl collected the remains and crushed them in a jade mortar, mixed them with the blood of Quetzalcoatl and created the first humans of the fifth Sun era. The current race called Arios.. In progess ✋🎨☸️⚛️⚒️⚔️🌌🌌 #mexicocity

ellise_yunnie (@ellise_yunnie) Instagram Profile Photo ellise_yunnie


image by ellise_yunnie (@ellise_yunnie) with caption : "넛알갱이 콕콕 박힌 아이스크림 #20페소 #진짜맛나
생과일 박힌 것도 20페소
그나저나 오늘 축구땜시 난리나겠구나. 게다가 게이퍼레이드까지
#멕시코시티 #멕시코 #mexicocity #cdmx #mexico" - 1808041692910128552
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넛알갱이 콕콕 박힌 아이스크림 생과일 박힌 것도 20페소 . 그나저나 오늘 축구땜시 난리나겠구나. 게다가 게이퍼레이드까지 . city

Striedi Bros (@striedi_bros) Instagram Profile Photo striedi_bros

Striedi Bros

Instagram Image by Striedi Bros (@striedi_bros) with caption : "Football fan México heute pünktlich eine Stunde vor Anpfiff das Video zum mexikanischen Fan!!! Viel Spaß #photooftheday " at Gratkorn, Steiermark, Austria - 1808039290698165632

Football fan México heute pünktlich eine Stunde vor Anpfiff das Video zum mexikanischen Fan!!! Viel Spaß city

Lucia Fornos ♡ (@lucia_ballerina1) Instagram Profile Photo lucia_ballerina1

Lucia Fornos ♡

image by Lucia Fornos ♡ (@lucia_ballerina1) with caption : "Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.

Pc: @nathmmartin 
#dance #dancersofinstagram #dancing #danc" - 1808039053872128518
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Ángela Mer (@angela_mermex) Instagram Profile Photo angela_mermex

Ángela Mer

image by Ángela Mer (@angela_mermex) with caption : "Good morning México 🇲🇽. #citymex #mexicocity #mexico🇲🇽 #mexico #saturdaymorning #saturday" - 1808034171526662420
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Good morning México 🇲🇽. city 🇲🇽

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テオティワカン遺跡! メキシコシティからバスに乗って1時間ぐらいだよ~ まずは北方面バスターミナルに行ってチケットを買うよ!! チケット売り場が少し分かりにくかったんだけど、サンフランシスコから来たカップルに教えて貰って無事にチケットゲット(❁´ω`❁) ※入口から左方向の一番奥にある8番売り場で買えるよ! 遺跡はめちゃくちゃ広かった~ 歩いても歩いても遺跡!大満足!!(笑) 1枚目の写真は月のピラミッドの中腹から撮ってるんだけど、昔は頂上まで登れたらしい‪‪! ‬今は頂上は崩れてて立ち入り禁止なの‪‪💦‬ 写真に写ってる真ん中の道は【死者の道】って呼ばれてて3kmも続いてるよ! 2枚目は太陽のピラミッドだよ! 頂上の人達が米粒ぐらい!近づいたらすっごく高いから登る前は気が遠くなりそうだったけど、意外とさくさく登れた!小さい子とかお年寄りも登ってたからかな?(笑) 遺跡の中は日影が全くないから帽子は必須!あと日焼け止めも絶対塗らないと本当に大変なことになるよ(~ω~;))) 私は遺跡に行く時は膝より長めのズボンで行くよ!登れるエリアは這ってでも絶対登りたいし、座ったり寝転んだりしたいからね(*´∀`)ノ(笑) ✱ ✱ ✱ city