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Follow @milkandcookies for more! DISCLAIMER: some of these filters won’t work for all photos (especially the cherry lips filter) but can be easily fixed by playing around with the settings. Hey everyone! This is my first time ever doing a twitter thread, and it was a little rough to say the least lmao. These photos don’t do the filters enough justice, but I think they turned out pretty good for it being my first time. If you have any questions leave a comment down below and I’ll try to reply as soon as possible! 💗 (P.s. I know these aren’t perfect but this is my first time ever doing this so please cut me some slack)


Marcelo--BigBoss-- (@marcelinho_gamer) Instagram Profile Photo marcelinho_gamer


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Fiz uma rádio pessoal no gta v agora posso escutar #melaniemartinez e so na boa


♡LITTLE♡BØDY♡BIG♡HEART♡ (@mels.rainbow) Instagram Profile Photo mels.rainbow


image by ♡LITTLE♡BØDY♡BIG♡HEART♡ (@mels.rainbow) with caption : "I freaking love her lipstick! 💄💕 #melaniemartinez #istandbymel" - 1825708537440229868
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I freaking love her lipstick! 💄💕 #melaniemartinez

Melanie Martinez (@pacifyhermind) Instagram Profile Photo pacifyhermind

Melanie Martinez

image by Melanie Martinez (@pacifyhermind) with caption : "july is going so fastt
{#melaniemartinez #littlebodybigheart #crybaby}" - 1825708185933537852
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july is going so fastt {#melaniemartinez }

🐰crybaby🐰 (@mels.cereal) Instagram Profile Photo mels.cereal


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—this is only a testing post. I was trying to get into doing flip transitions...opinions??🏹💕 — —don’t mind the end, it had to be 3 seconds or longer😂 — Audio: @blvffington — —tags🍭: #melaniemartinez #melaniemartinez #melaniemartinez

♡CRY BABY♡ (@memesdamelzinha_) Instagram Profile Photo memesdamelzinha_


image by ♡CRY BABY♡ (@memesdamelzinha_) with caption : "Boa noite✨💕
Minha princesinha💕🌈
Viu no explorer?siga:@memesdamelzinha_ 
#crybabies #crybaby #lbbh #melmartinez #melanie " - 1825706305273539413
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Boa noite✨💕 Minha princesinha💕🌈 Viu no explorer?siga:@memesdamelzinha_ martinez