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I made a bento box this morning. :) How did I do? 😊 . . . Fruits used: - Watermelon - Blueberries Garnishes: - Cucumber - Celery (not visible) - Brocoli Meats: - Chicken sausage - Boiled egg cut in half Meal (Carbohydrates): - Macaroni Salad (consists of mayonnaise, chopped cucumber, chopped orange pepper, chopped celery) #macaroni 🍉


Live 95.5 (@live955) Instagram Profile Photo live955

Live 95.5

image by Live 95.5 (@live955) with caption : "Round two! Think you can guess how many @g_eazy macaroni noodles are in this jar?! If you’re the closest or guess correc" - 1827805067845835057
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Round two! Think you can guess how many @g_eazy macaroni noodles are in this jar?! If you’re the closest or guess correct, you get to MEET tomorrow before his show. #macaroni


m. k_iyer 😎 (@m.k_iyer) Instagram Profile Photo m.k_iyer

m. k_iyer 😎

🍴 From the base bechamel/white sauce I have used it for white sauce pasta /creamy pasta /alfreado. Method Add oil , garlic , onion thyme saute them until golden brown . Add vegetable stock , white sauce , fresh cream , boiled pasta ,butter cheese . Tips 1.Never add on a direct heat white sauce it might burn faster so I have added stock water before . 2. At the end product all ways of the flame n then add butter n cheese so the flavour n aroma of your product is on a better finish.

image by Sam And Hailey (@ham_together_forever) with caption : "#macaroni" - 1827800774831490937
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Turning Point Beer (@turningpointbeer) Instagram Profile Photo turningpointbeer

Turning Point Beer

Would ya look at that! It’s not only can release day at the brewery, but we got in our new Turning Point Beer logo hats just in time to wear to the @rangers games this weekend! 4pks Available today: ⚾️ Dinglebop (60 cases) ⚾️$Texas (70 cases) ⚾️ The lightest beer you have ⚾️ Put a Peach on it ⚾️ African Dream Pop ⚾️ Single Hoptions Idaho 7 ⚾️ Solid Gold Telephone Taproom opens at 4pm and tonight’s eats are provided by @turkishtexans #macaroni

Diana De Vries (@dianadejongh) Instagram Profile Photo dianadejongh

Diana De Vries

image by Diana De Vries (@dianadejongh) with caption : "What did we have for dinner today?
An old fashioned one..
One to suite your soul #macaroni#onions#garlic#goatcheese#eggs" - 1827787718929636490
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