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Ayda | Nutrition Student (@aydaskitchen) Instagram Profile Photo aydaskitchen

Ayda | Nutrition Student

image by Ayda | Nutrition Student (@aydaskitchen) with caption : "Love this post from @drclaudiatfelty 😊 This message is so true! I know from experience that (at 5.3") I can eat a lot mo" - 1848571042430151453
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Love this post from @drclaudiatfelty 😊 This message is so true! I know from experience that (at 5.3") I can eat a lot more than some guys who are taller and bigger than me. I would never restrict my diet just because of my gender 🙅 • • • • Repost from @drclaudiatfelty - Ladies, you don’t have to eat less just because you’re a girl! 💁🏼‍♀️ ⠀ Those “his” and “hers” meal photos where “hers” is always 100s of calories less than “his” are bs. They promote stereotypes and basic needs equations that are rarely accurate. ⠀ There are plenty of women who need just as much or more calories than their male counterpart. Unfortunately, society teaches us it’s better to walk around hangry and undernourished, it’s more ladylike. 🙄 ⠀ This is at its finest. Don’t let society dictate how much you should eat. You should always listen to your body, it will not lead you astray. ⠀ If you’re hungry, eat until you’re satisfied, and don’t pay any attention to how much “he” eats. It doesn’t dictate how much you should have. ⠀ Real talk, the hubs and I ate the exact same amount for dinner. This wasn’t a fluke either. We almost always have similar dinner plates. I’m 5’7”, he’s 6’1 and outweighs me by quite a bit, but we still eat the same size dinner. All the time. ⠀ Always, always, always, listen to what your body is telling you 💕 That’s the only guide that matters. ⠀ ⠀ P.S. If you’re still trying to figure out your hunger & fullness download my free guide, as always, link in bio 💕 ___________________________________________ #london



Gabi Arellano (@chefgabiarellano) Instagram Profile Photo chefgabiarellano

Gabi Arellano

image by Gabi Arellano (@chefgabiarellano) with caption : "If life gives you #sweetcorn , make it taste as #mexican as possible!!! Elotes are one of the most #popular #streetfood " - 1848571017312787688
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If life gives you , make it taste as as possible!!! Elotes are one of the most in , and definitely one of my favourites. Enjoy the people! #london

Mathew Parangot (@mathemattician) Instagram Profile Photo mathemattician

Mathew Parangot

Soooo... I have never read Romeo and Juliet and ever seen ANY adaptations of it on screen or on stage.. until last night with @trampballs 😅🤷🏽‍♂️ #london

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イギリスを代表するartist、Damien Hirstが自分の収集したart collectionを展示するために開設した「Newport Street Gallery」VaxhallのNewport Streetにあり、2016年にオープンしたばかり。少しアクセスが悪い場所なのですが、評判が良いので頑張って行ってみました。 Hirstは、1990年代に大ブレイクしたアート界の風雲児。「Natural History」という死んだ動物(鮫、牛、羊)をホルムアルデヒドによって保存したシリーズ、ダイアモンドのスカルなど衝撃的な作品が多いです。Hirstはアートコレクターとしても知られ、現代の作家からフランシス・ベーコン、ピカソまで約3,000点を保有しているらしい・・・ギャラリーには6つの展示室があり、どの部屋も天井が高く、白く広々として気持ち良い空間。ノコギリ屋根の天窓からの自然光の効果も素敵です。 開催されていたのは「True Colours 」というGroup-Exhibition。 色の可能性を探求する Helen Beard 、Sadie Laska、 Boo Savilleの3人のアーティストの個性的な作品が並んでいます。個人的に、Helen Beard の作品がSensualityなモチーフでありながら曲線と使われる色彩の効果で伸び伸びと開放的な美しさを感じました。 GalleryにはHirst自らがプロデュースするCafe「Pharmacy2」もあり、「薬」をテーマにした内装が個性的。カウンターのスツールが錠剤の形❣️ #london

Aymeric Bonvarlet (@aymeric_lebon) Instagram Profile Photo aymeric_lebon

Aymeric Bonvarlet