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Karma Boutique (@karmashopsrc) Instagram Profile Photo karmashopsrc

Karma Boutique

Instagram Image by Karma Boutique (@karmashopsrc) with caption : "New from @level99jeans, light weight linen jacket. #shoplocalrc #boutique #cargojacket #linenjacket #CATshoes" at Karma Boutique - 1826342422822845650

New from @level99jeans, light weight linen jacket. #linenjacket


Tobias Koch (@tobithecook) Instagram Profile Photo tobithecook

Tobias Koch

Instagram Image by Tobias Koch (@tobithecook) with caption : "Small details make the difference! Today with linen jacket from #mcneal bengal striped shirt and a pocket square in the " at Leverkusen - 1826314170813812938
Leverkusen Report Download 1 7

Small details make the difference! Today with linen jacket from bengal striped shirt and a pocket square in the heat #linenjacket


Wildenberg Ynformal (@wildenbergynformal) Instagram Profile Photo wildenbergynformal

Wildenberg Ynformal

Instagram Image by Wildenberg Ynformal (@wildenbergynformal) with caption : "Last summer pieces @wildenbergynformal 🇮🇹☀️" at De Bergen Eindhoven - 1826263816741252054

Last summer pieces @wildenbergynformal 🇮🇹☀️

◽️R T W◽️ . Picked up this bargainous oversized RTW 100% linen jacket @tkmaxx_uk the other week. Was in a clearance area of the plus size section (size 24) and was over half price off at £15. . I’m and it’s slowly dawning on me I don’t really have time to do any more sewing for garments that I can wear now that I’m so big that I can also wear post partum. . I’m a little frustrated as I’m so tired in the evenings and my toddler doesn’t sleep plus I’ve been having Braxton Hicks so no energy to sew. Hence no new garments on here for a while. . I have so many jumpsuit patterns and the fabric all ready to go, I just haven’t had the time. So have been trying to “shop my closet” for things to wear in the meantime. . I’m impressed with this lightweight linen jacket, it reminds me of the just more slouchy and without pockets. So I’m feeling more content that I’ve not got round to sewing it yet! . The jacket is worn over a very stretchy @veryuk jumpsuit I’ve had for a while which i bought second hand from eBay. It’s not maternity but there’s so much fabric it’s worked a treat right into my third trimester. . So. I’m slowing down, I’m having to in order to remain sane and rested! More RTW posts coming probably. Oh and I don’t know whether you noticed but I changed my username to something more interesting. 📣 . #linenjacket

Lino Takas (@linotakas) Instagram Profile Photo linotakas

Lino Takas

Lithuania Report Download 1 16

Lightweight linen summer blazer with a hood Read more about this jacket on our Etsy shop. Link in bio @linotakas

Rae Charles (@rae.charle5) Instagram Profile Photo rae.charle5

Rae Charles

image by Rae Charles (@rae.charle5) with caption : "Ready Steady, Create...
#2018" - 1826162460765586199
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Ready Steady, Create... #linenjacket

image by VEUSS (@veuss_osaka) with caption : "VEUSS。2377
シンプルながらも存在感のあるデザイ" - 1826138100458084140
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VEUSS。2377 . . New. 【 SALT SURF 】 サーフテイストをさりげなく醸したいときに。 . サーフ愛感じるTシャツが欲しい!って人におすすめしたいソルトサーフのクルーネックT。 . シンプルながらも存在感のあるデザインが魅力で、ガンガン使えるタフなマテリアルを使用している1着。 . リゾートシーンから街中でのカジュアルコーデまで、幅広く使える。 . . . . . . . . . . . . . #LINENJACKET