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Repost from @vegucate_ ・・・ DAIRY IS SCARY!💀🥛🍼🍦🧀🚫 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔 - "Like humans, cows excrete oxytocin— the bonding hormone— at birth. Human mothers can express what this feels like: we say we would die for our child, we’re deliriously in love, we can’t believe such a love exists. This is the oxytocin talking. [...] It would be excruciating for any sensitive species to watch their beloved child being brutally taken away, helpless to do anything, with no understanding of what was happening or why. - Mother cows will relive that nightmare year after year until their bodies are depleted from back-to-back pregnancies when they’re killed and eaten themselves. To think we do all this for the sake of unnecessary dairy foods is difficult to comprehend. [...] I’ve seen footage of cows in milking parlours so fresh from birth that afterbirth is dangling down behind them. Their babies are gone, but there’s no time to recover or to mourn, they must be hooked up to machines to have their milk taken for humans. The system is sickening. - None of us would want to be impregnated again and again, to fruitlessly endure the challenges of pregnancy and labour, and ultimately to have our children stolen away from us. We shouldn’t put others through this either." - Anna Pippus ———————————————————————— This is the real face of the dairy industry. - Kidnapping babies from their mothers. - How can anyone do this to a mother? - How can anyone do this to a BABY!? Caption & Video by @talgilboa_vegan

Oibri Solais (@a_storyoflove) Instagram Profile Photo a_storyoflove

Oibri Solais

Instagram Image by Oibri Solais (@a_storyoflove) with caption : "Somebody got stuck in the mud 😳" at Ulu Kelang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - 1788880452871104953

Somebody got stuck in the mud 😳

Barbie Virgo (@barbievirgo) Instagram Profile Photo barbievirgo

Barbie Virgo

“I simply do not distinguish between work and play.” -Mary Oliver (and me) 😊💕💖✌️✨

Instagram Image by Hayden Crawford (@dreemtimehaydencrawford) with caption : "A sneaky rainbow outside my window this morning :)" at Dreemtime Academy - 1788879885994563019

A sneaky rainbow outside my window this morning :)

Viola Hug ☾ 🇨🇦🇩🇪🇳🇿 (@violahug) Instagram Profile Photo violahug

Viola Hug ☾ 🇨🇦🇩🇪🇳🇿

image by Viola Hug ☾ 🇨🇦🇩🇪🇳🇿 (@violahug) with caption : "✨ YOU GLOW GIRL ✨
What does it take to really glow in life?
For me, it's more than just green smoothies (although, t" - 1788879843305555487
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✨ YOU GLOW GIRL ✨ . What does it take to really glow in life? . For me, it's more than just green smoothies (although, this girl lovesssss a smoothie). It's glowing because you're full of purpose. Feeling fulfilment in your relationships, work, and fun. Having cells that vibe so high, your physical vibration is on point, making it easier to manifest, hear your intuitive guidance, and feel your best.. literally all of the time. It's feeling like a glowing goddess. . For the glowing goddess, life just flows. Her vibe is at an all time high, because she built up a powerful foundation of vibrant health. She knows that everything from physical health, mindset, abundance, to manifestation requires you to be the best version of yourself. She’s empowered in her health decisions, and has thriving success because of it. She GLOWS. ✨✨ . Hi, I’m Viola, Alignment Coach + Business Strategist for Visionaries and Holistic Nutritionist (BSc) (in case we haven't met, waddup 👋🏼), and I know that health is our greatest wealth. And because I want to see more high vibe babes just like you prosperous in life, I’ve created a passion project. A 6-week program for go-getters ready to step into the highest vibe of themselves. I created You Glow Girl: Holistic Nutrition Alignment.✨ . Enrolments for round 2 of YGG are open now for a limited time only. . Read more + join via link in bio, or here: ✨ . "Viola’s You Glow Girl Program is life changing and so much fun! It awakened in me a passion for nutrition and movement and learning more about them both! She gave us tips and tricks to implement each week and as a result I am sleeping better, have more energy and focus, and my body is feeling lighter and more physically healthy. I now have healthy eating and exercise habits that I will continue for life. Thanks V! I highly recommend her, it’s an incredible value for what you get and no one else out there has this info available in one program." - KARLA ANNE, USA . . . #lightworker

Surviving Today (@celestial.starlight) Instagram Profile Photo celestial.starlight

Surviving Today

image by Surviving Today (@celestial.starlight) with caption : "••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
I’ve been through the ringer. Had hardships. And been left to clean up the mess. " - 1788879587050994474
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•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• I’ve been through the ringer. Had hardships. And been left to clean up the mess. I’m still suffering from those hardships. But I know the experience will make me stronger and a better person. I just hope it will all be better one day🖤💕 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ #lightworker

Destination: Introspect ( Instagram Profile Photo

Destination: Introspect

The auditory illusions known as binaural beats, which require headphones, is a very spiritual experience. This trip is out of body yet introspective and will give you some positive, higher dimensional, and because of the pink noise which enhances memory, memorable dreams. The illusions kick in about 5 minutes in. The full 33 minute track is available FREE, you can follow the link in my bio, or type this in:

Dakini Zito (@dakini38) Instagram Profile Photo dakini38

Dakini Zito

image by Dakini Zito (@dakini38) with caption : "1/2 hour left, remember to place your bids! Auctions end at 7pm PST. Happy bidding. Love and light my friends 💗🌞🌙✨📿🕉🔮#hi" - 1788879106978733827
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1/2 hour left, remember to place your bids! Auctions end at 7pm PST. Happy bidding. Love and light my friends 💗🌞🌙✨📿🕉🔮 #lightworker