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3dGameCoder (C, C++, DirectX) (@3dgamecoder) Instagram Profile Photo 3dgamecoder

3dGameCoder (C, C++, DirectX)

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-New vs Old 1. Level - As i have written in my post 'More Gamestory', today i post about some of the extra things that my small change of the Game Story had result in. But i show only a part of it (Level 1, that was before only a Flat, and is now a Planetarium). You can see & read more about the Skybox in this Level in my next Post. . . New 1. Level V2 (left Picture): So looks the 2. Version of the new 1.Level for the future Version of this Game (Textures, extra Skybox and new green Level-Text). State: 11.09.2017. I've change it because it's now better suitable to the 1. Worldscreen (compare it with my Post before). Another Reason is: So how the 1. Level look & was before (Picture 2 & 3), it was not good enough for a 1. Level. I thing, especially the 1.Level have to be better. Because it can be deciding for Players (if they like the look, and if they play more Levels or not). The green german Level-Text is now better too. When you play more Levels, the Gameplay will be more thriller/interesting. . New 1. Level V1 (middle Picture): So had the 1. Version looked. The Carpet & the Wall (Wallpaper) look better. It's because i've change the old Textures against similar looking Textures, but in higher Reolution. . Old 1. Level (right Picture): Here You can see how the 1. Level look in the current downloadable Version of this Game (GW3D 2 v0.94, state: 11.09.2017). . . Im linken & mittleren Bild ist die 2. & 1. Version, und im rechten Bild die ältere Version des neuen 1.Levels (Stand: 11.09.2017). Statt nur eine Wohnung ist der 1. Level jetzt sogar ein Planetarium. Außerdem kann im unteren grünen Leveltext ein Teil davon gelesen werden, was meine nur kleine änderung der Spiel-Geschichte Zusätzliches ergab. Ein Vergleichen mit Bild 3 & 2 zeigt, wie gut die Erneuerung des 1.Levels war. GW3D 2 wird zukünftig außerdem spannender sein. . . #Levelaustausch