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Assorted Serpents & Geckos (@assorted_serpents) Instagram Profile Photo assorted_serpents

Assorted Serpents & Geckos

image by Assorted Serpents & Geckos (@assorted_serpents) with caption : "The wait is killing us!  111 days and counting!  #leachianus#leachie#geckosofinstagram #geckogram #reptiles#reptilesofin" - 1826285398423400250
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The wait is killing us! 111 days and counting! #leachie

Muriel The Gecko (@murielthegecko) Instagram Profile Photo murielthegecko

Muriel The Gecko

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I was spraying Muriel’s cage, and she stuck her head out to check out what’s going on...aaand got water right up her nose. Here are some little sneezes. #leachie

Briana Dodson/Mikhail Kujawa (@treetopreptiles) Instagram Profile Photo treetopreptiles

Briana Dodson/Mikhail Kujawa

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Finally another PPE baby in existence!! PPE was our first ever leachianus and while her pretty purple coloration makes her one of our favorites her man hating ways have proven to be a big obstacle these last 4 years. She had two successful clutches with Caesar who was on loan from @dos_gequis the previous two seasons. Two clutches in two seasons isnt exactly setting the world on fire and she would mercilessly beat up on him so he could only be placed with her long enough to woo her, mate, and get out! So this season we decided to try her with our largest male in house, Puff! Puff comes in at 300-305g, is as gentle as can be, and comes from the original "snowflake" line leachianus which is where he gets all that fun pattern! He is ~11 years old and so far has managed to hold his own against her but they have laid only a single clutch this season making this little one a very special and very welcome new addition ❤ #leachie