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Force Basketball (@stl_force_basketball) Instagram Profile Photo stl_force_basketball

Force Basketball

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Repost from @improvepractice using @RepostRegramApp - If a player is able to maneuver with the ball but cannot pass without turnovers their amazing ball handling skills will go to waste as the turnovers will lead to a seat on the bench. Teams that WIN games have players who pass the ball around assisting each other to have SUCCESS. When we talk about passing we are talking about YOU getting the ball in the hands of teammates without turnovers. The young lady in this video is 14 year old, Katie Ambrose (@spark.plug.24) a point guard for Canterbury School in Fort Meyers, Florida and the Tampa Thunder AAU team. I watch Katie's videos on the @stl_force_basketball page. It doesn't matter if @spark.plug.24 is working out with others or in the gym alone she is working with focus and intensity. When a player can dribble and pass with confidence they will be able to contribute every game and have SUCCESS. But it takes a lot of hard work in PRACTICE to build the skills to be able to handle that ball with confidence so that YOU can look up the floor and always see what is going on while YOU are handling the basketball. @spark.plug.24 is an excellent ball handler and she will only get better as she continues to be a consistent, hard worker in PRACTICE. If YOU want SUCCESS in games, be consistent and hard working in PRACTICE. Hard work in PRACTICE always translates to the game. TRAIN your MIND and body to PERFORM! Thanks Katie Ambrose . @etyba @e_l_i_murray @nliscouting @ihandle_shawnfaust #layup


I love basket, And you? (@onfirebasket) Instagram Profile Photo onfirebasket

I love basket, And you?

image by I love basket, And you? (@onfirebasket) with caption : "The best pivot of the history???🤔
Follow @onfirebasket for more...
👥Tag your friends!" - 1847219185090626473
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The best pivot of the history???🤔 Follow @onfirebasket for more... 👥Tag your friends!


image by Pancho 🐾 (@pancho_kuzmicic6) with caption : "Up, up and AWAY!!! (1-0)
#Layup #VamosPuente" - 1847218710647384837
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Up, up and AWAY!!! (1-0) #Layup

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Дарова #layup

image by Follow us! (@basketballcinemas) with caption : "How do you feel about this?😂
Follow @lameloballer for more!" - 1847208085425658000
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How do you feel about this?😂 Follow @lameloballer for more!

(0.6k Looks Better In White ⬆️ (@fultzlegacy.20) Instagram Profile Photo fultzlegacy.20

(0.6k Looks Better In White ⬆️

image by (0.6k Looks Better In White ⬆️ (@fultzlegacy.20) with caption : "All of those posts that are circled have done really well. They were also posted last week! Thx for the support recently" - 1847199261533779878
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All of those posts that are circled have done really well. They were also posted last week! Thx for the support recently! More coming soon! Follow me @fultzlegacy.20 #layup

Next Generation Basketball (@hoops_market) Instagram Profile Photo hoops_market

Next Generation Basketball

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Kobe’s the goat for doing this 😂

Basketball Community (@theultimateco) Instagram Profile Photo theultimateco

Basketball Community

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Who had the best euro step in NBA? 🔥 • • 🚨Join the conversation @theultimateco 🚨

Anne Anderson (@anne_a_anderson) Instagram Profile Photo anne_a_anderson

Anne Anderson

image by Anne Anderson (@anne_a_anderson) with caption : "#ellamai #layup #mood😏 #trafficflow" - 1847162693846630787
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